Bomb The Birds Review

Bomb The Birds Review

Apr 11, 2011

Angry Birds might just be the most successful mobile game ever created. Unfortunately, unscrupulous developers often try to mimic a successful game with a similar art style, or title to that of the successful game. To be completely fair, mimicry alone doesn’t mean a game is bad, but when that mimicry is accompanied by poor gameplay and technical issues, then the game in question just isn’t worth downloading.

That’s the case with Bomb the Birds. The art style clearly attempts to capitalize on the success of Angry Birds, though it does so poorly, and the game oozes with repetition and mediocrity when it comes to gameplay. Each level requires that you rotate two beams in order to create a path for a bomb to be rolled onto some birds. The core concept has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, Bomb the Birds provides only sixteen levels, all of which are very similar to one another. The number of birds changes, as does the number of crates, but in the end, the levels just don’t feel different in any significant way.

The developer added stars in a recent update in an effort to add some complexity to the gameplay, but they do very little to spice up the action. In order to collect the stars for each level, you just have to roll the bomb over them. Unfortunately, none of the stars were terribly hard to get, and all they really did was take one or two bombs away from the end goal of blowing up some birds. Most of the levels provide more than enough bombs to blow up the birds, so the stars really don’t add much of anything to the experience.

A scoring system in which players are rewarded for completing each level using as few bombs as possible would be a welcome addition, except that beating a level often seems more like a matter of luck than skill. In fact, in a few cases, it was possible to beat a level by simply dropping bombs straight down, and avoiding the beams entirely.

Bomb the Birds provides simple, repetitive gameplay… when it works. That’s right, in addition to substandard gameplay, Bomb the Birds also crashes frequently. The developer released two patches in the past week to help fix these problems, but the game still remains unstable.

Bomb the Birds is unstable, unimaginative, and unimpressive all around. If you’re looking for a new puzzle game to keep you occupied on the go, you should probably look elsewhere.

Bomb The Birds Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - The art style is clearly inspired by Angry Birds, and the sound is almost nonexistent.
Controls - Tap the bomb to drop it, and hold your finger on a beam to rotate it. The controls are simple, but they work.
Gameplay - There's a good idea buried in there somewhere, but success relies more on luck than skill.
Replay Value - There are only sixteen levels, and it's hard to recommend that you play them once, let alone multiple times.
Overall - It's hard to recommend this game based on its dull gameplay and instability.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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