Bombcats Special Edition Review

Bombcats Special Edition Review

Jun 26, 2013

Bombcats Special Edition is Radiangames’ entry into the casual physics-puzzler genre after an assortment of action-oriented titles and block-based puzzle games, and it stands out as a fun and addictive title.

The gameplay can be best described as a hybrid between Angry Birds and iBlast Moki. The goal is to free all the bombkittens from their electric cages by launching the bombcats around the levels, eventually using their ability to “tele-splode” (so they don’t actually die) to free them from the cages. However, there’s a fuse on the bombcats, so getting them from point A to point B in a timely fashion is key!


Now, early on, this involves getting the bombcats near the bombkittens and having the explosion free them. But where the game becomes extremely clever is that it starts to really mix up not only how the bombkittens are freed, but how the player has to get the bombcats around in the first place! Smaller bombs may help break up debris or to free the bombkittens, but multiple of them may be needed. The bombcats’ tele-splosion may be used to get the necessary objects in place, rather than freeing the kittens.

New bombcats are introduced over time, each with new abilities and challenges to use them. Most levels just involve one bombcat, but then others will have multiple that must be used in sequence, adding a level of planning and forethought to the equation. As well, challenge levels that force players to use different bombcats in levels designed for certain ones, and marathon levels where the goal is to get the bombcats as far as possible before they tele-splode.

The game launched as a free-to-play title on iOS, but the Android version is paid. Why is thatoid, here it is. The game definitely has the appearance of an F2P game, with the currency system and powerups, but the game is balanced in a way where the crystals are earned regularly enough to where upgrades can be easily bought regularly, and powerups used often as well. There’s no IAP in the game at all, so earning additional crystals is best done through grinding levels and completing objectives, but this is not really necessary on a regular basis. In fact, while the upgrades and powerups make the game easier, they’re not needed to beat the game, though they do help!

There’s a lot of reason to love Bombcats – there’s fun gameplay that lasts for a while with nearly 200 levels that encompass a wide variety of challenges, and there’s cute round cats that can be dressed up in hats.

Bombcats Special Edition Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Charming graphics and music help set the mood for the game.
Controls - Easy swiping controls that work well even in rapid-reaction situations.
Gameplay - Has far more variety than most physics puzzlers out there.
Replay Value - Nearly 200 levels ensures there's lots of reasons to come back for more.
Overall - One of the best physics puzzlers you can buy.

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  • J. Mendoza

    The iOS version had IAP, and the Android version (Bombcats SE) has none, but a price to purchase. I’d much rather prefer apps I have to pay only once. The price is more than fair for the amount I can see I’m going to be playing. The game is fun and like the review says, it has a very high replay value. Best game app purchase I’ve made this year.