Brained Lite Review

Brained Lite Review

Nov 11, 2011

Since the early days of humanity, people have been creating logic puzzles in order to amuse (and sometimes enrage) their friends. As time went on we started publishing books full of riddles and brain teasers, and eventually we started creating video games full of brain teasers. Brained Lite brings a collection of brain teasers to the Android platform. Some of those brain teasers will be familiar to you, and some won’t, and some…. well some fall into an all together different category from the rest.

Brained Lite offers some puzzles you might recognize from other brain teaser games like Brainage for the Nintendo DS. for example, you’ll probably recognize the “click the right color” puzzle where you’ll see the name of a color written in a different color. The actual color of the text is the color you want to click. You’ll have to click the colors in a timely fashion to pass the challenge, and as such, it gives your mind a bit of a workout.

Another of the brain teasers found in Brained Lite tasks you with cracking the combination to a safe. Above the safe are four dials. Each dial has a slit on it, and without giving anything away, those slits give you the combination. Not the most imaginative puzzle, but still a brain teaser.

Then there’s this other “puzzle”. At one point, the game flashes a series of circles on the screen and asks you to click only circles of certain colors. That’s it. That’s all their is to that particular brain teaser – just click the right colors as they flash across the screen. No logic necessary, just good old fashioned reflexes.

Brained Lite is sort of a mixed bag. Some of the puzzles will test your critical thinking skills, and force you to use logic to find the solution, while others will reduce you to tapping the screen quickly, or just using random guesses to find the answer, as there is no actual logic to them. Brained Lite is free, so if you really love brain teasers, it may be worth slogging through some of the worse puzzles to get to some of the better ones, but realistically, you’ll probably want to hold out for a better brain teaser game, or just pick up one of the many high quality puzzle games we’ve covered in the past.

Brained Lite Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - There's really no sound to speak of, and the graphics are simple, and somewhat boring. The presentation gets the job done, but doesn't try to impress you in any way.
Controls - The controls work as expected, though the game does little to explain what you're supposed to do for any given puzzle.
Gameplay - Some of the puzzles are enjoyable, some aren't. It's a mixed bag.
Replay Value - Once you solve a puzzle there's no reason to go back to it.
Overall - If you really need brain teasers on your phone, hey, it's free.

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