Brave Tribe Review

Brave Tribe Review

Aug 19, 2014

Brave Tribe is another freemuiem citybuilder, but this one tells the story of a small Celtic village completely surrounded by Romans who like their food and a good fight. If this sounds familiar it sure is. The opening cutscene has a lot of homages to a certain heroic little Gaul and there is even a Monty Python reference squeezed in there.

Screenshot_2014-08-14-09-30-11All this personality pretty much disappears when the game begins though. Taking control of a nearly featureless village, the player must build it up into a stronghold capable of supporting stronger warriors and defeating the encroaching Romans. Fighting off the Romans is as simple as tapping on them a few times though at least after the player has waited an hour or two to produce swords. A few basic quests provide direction and additional things to tap on.

Brave Tribe suffers from the typically slower pace of games of this type. BT however is much slower than others because of its food system. Food is required as fuel for any building or object in the game to work. Including farms. Buildings that generate money, such as farms, banquet tables, and such require food to function. This means before anything else the player must plant food in one of the player’s four fields and wait at least 5 minutes for the fastest crop or 2 hours for crops that provide enough for a few buildings at once.

Screenshot_2014-08-14-08-31-31After waiting, the player taps the crops to harvest them (a 5 second process) and then uses the food to create swords or get a building producing resources. This leads to another long wait from 5 minutes to a few hours while the building ticks away. At the end of that the player can finally harvest the small amount of coins or the needed item from that building and the cycle starts anew. This means that players need to generally wait twice for any object. Players should count themselves lucky if they can interact with anything in Brave Tribe more than a few times a day.

Brave Tribe’s tedious “gameplay” isn’t helped by some of the most exasperating ads this reviewer has yet experienced in a mobile app. When the app is started it displays a screen with links to G5’s other games and a “play now” button for Brave Tribe, rather than just starting the app. There is an ad for other games permanently displayed in game and the game nags you to turn on notifications. Lastly, the 5th quest received is to rate the game in the Playstore. In a game that makes the player wait constantly unless they play money. Rarely is a game so overbearing and downright asinine with its marketing. Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Brave Tribe is redeemed slightly by its graphics. Clear, colorful and cartoonish they mesh well with the game’s harmonious music and basic but fitting sound effects.

Without a doubt Brave Tribe is some of the least fun it’s possible to have on Android. With a boring and annoying building system, incredibly slow progress and absolutely no thinking required Brave Tribe is not worth playing

Brave Tribe Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fairly basic, but colorful and enticing presentation.
Control - Virtually the same as any other citybuilder.
Gameplay - Brave Tribe is slow and ad filled with no fun to be found.
Replay Value - Brave Tribe's sub glacial pace and lack of fun make it a game that shouldn't even be considered.
Overall - Brave Tribe is an amalgam of everything wrong with mobile gaming. With no fun on offer it shouldn't be played by anyone.

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Allan Curtis
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  • journalism 101

    i really appreciate the common-sense displayed in this review…especially about the IAP and bland game-play…too many reviewers and sites gloss over the negatives about a game and make the Android gaming scene seem like there are only a few bad apples.

    Kudos to you, Allan Curtis.
    Kudos to you, for hiring a writer/reviewer like this.

  • Devv

    LOL he wrote article on game where he barely finish tutorial. What a crap. This is like making review of a book based on his cover. This is useless article.

  • Allan Curtis

    Hey there. Thanks so much for the kind words! Great to hear that you think my review is spot on. I think pointing out terrible IAP practices is one of the most important facets of reviewing mobile games.

  • Allan Curtis

    Thanks for your feedback, but I think it describes the game perfectly well.

  • devv

    You have absolutely no idea how to play this game.

    You didn’t even finish tutorial :) I’m playing this game for over a year now.

    You told everyone that game is crappy because you don’t like how long first crop grows ( then you just jump from conclusion to conclusion ) and you don’t like G5 ads which are added for all theirs games as cross-promotion marketing.

    – There is many Food sources where you can get food for yours buildings. Food is not a problem at all. ( Did you see how fruit tree works ? )

    – The biggest problem is with decorations and happiness.

    You review don’t even mention that.

    You didn’t even unlock first expansion where dog is, you don’t know how collections look like, or any other feature. There is many, many, many things you can do there. When you play this game you have feeling that there is something new all the time.

    And the story, is just cherry on the cake.

    And based on that i think that this reviev is crappy not the game. Someone is paying you to write review and you even don’t want to know how this game is working.