Buff Knight – RPG Runner Review

Buff Knight – RPG Runner Review

Nov 4, 2014

Buff Knight claims to be a role-playing game runner, but you’ll struggle to find a trace of role-playing in there. The game also claims it’s a top paid RPG in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Sweden, and a top App in Korea. To which begs the question: what the hell, aforementioned countries? There’s been a fair share of lazy runners, and Buff Knight is by no means the worst, but the fact that it’s considered a top paid anything makes whatever is left in my dried up heart, slightly warm up.

At first, it seems that Buff Knight is absolutely boring. Then you uncover a depth you haven’t noticed before. But ten minutes later it looks absolutely boring again. The hero runs forward. Whenever he bumps into a monster, they both take damage. The player can tap on the screen to summon a magical lightning at the cost of mana that will hurt the closest monster, and maybe a couple of others near him. There are two potions, for mana and health, and the player has to juggle between them to try and run as far as possible, in Buff Knight - RPG Runner 3order to get more gold and crystals that fall from monsters, cutlery, and chests that require a key to open. When the hero inevitably dies, player can spend gold and crystals to buff him and buy better armor and sword, or upgrade them. After a certain mark, the hero starts meeting more powerful enemies and get more gold. At the end (that’s about an hour of gameplay away), he encounters a boss, and after defeating it, gets an artifact that can be equipped to gain some slight advantage. Then the player has to run through the whole damn thing once again, from the very start, twenty times in total. Top paid my ass.

The obvious problem with the game formula is that difficulty or skill change is non-existent. You can run for an hour, but the gameplay won’t change one bit. The enemies don’t have any differences except for health and damage; you can’t learn new spells or play as a different class – hell, if the enemy sprites didn’t change, you could loop five seconds of gameplay, play them on repeat, and have about the same experience. Maybe I’m too harsh on Buff Knight, but after all, it’s a game that in some countries, beat all Final Fantasies, Dragon Quests, and even 10000000 that basically contains this game within itself. I mean, it’s an okay, simple little game, but don’t expect anything more.

Buff Knight – RPG Runner Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - They're present, if that's what you're wondering.
Controls - Tap on a screen to cast lightning and open chests - that's basically it.
Gameplay - See above.
Replay Value - The game is on endless replay.
Overall - I could see it as a free-to-play game, but I'm not sure how people want to pay money for it.

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