CalcPro Review

CalcPro Review

Nov 13, 2012

In my quest for convergence, I have tried many a utility on my smartphone. As I often say, if I can do it well on my phone, then that’s where I want it done.

CalcPro: welcome to the party.

CalcPro is a tidy piece of software from carlosg that promised to make me do away with ancient artifacts like standalone scientific calculators.

The opening user interface is deceptively simple; at first blush, I thought it was simply a calculator clone that was maybe a bit too ambitiously named by its developer. Underneath the unassuming hood, though, was an app that truly packs a mathematical punch. Yowza!

Simple monochromes welcomed me in. With a simple number pad, I initially wondered how I was to solve more complex equations. A simple swipe in either direction answered that query. To the left were more functions: square, trigonometrical functions and more. There was a list of pre-populated constants with one-touch entries for Plank’s constant, Euler-Mascheroni’s Number, and, of course, the never ending pi.

To the right was a set of Tools, which included an Equation Solver, a mini tool for different types of interpolations, a unit converter and a beta equation plotter. Even more impressively, it had a built in Wolfram|Alpha answer engine functionality, allowing me to type in search terms directly into the WA site. The unit converter had a nifty currency exchange tool that not only converted six major currencies, but which also had the exchange rates that could be updated from within the app.

I was able to customize decimal places, angle units, and what type of coordinate system to use with specific numbers. The program was able to handle most of the equations I tossed at it, and the memory program was topnotch. I was able to input previous solutions into current equations, and things like variables were able to be recalled as well. The handy erase tool cleared up previous entries quite well.

All in all, I thought the settings could have been a bit more refined, but even that small complaint pales in the light of its overall functionality. The built-in Help tool also had value.

CalcPro proves that well-designed products can — and do — come in simple packages.

CalcPro Review Rundown

User Interface - Clean and simple
Usefulness - Extremely useful for a multitude
Performance - Handles comples equations and everyday problems with ease.
Value - Excellent handheld tool that lends to convergence
Overall - Excellent utility with a myriad of uses.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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