Call of Mini: Zombies Review

Call of Mini: Zombies Review

Sep 17, 2012

There are a few constants in life: death, taxes and an irrepressible urge to dispense with The Living Dead. For every person that was subjected to the Twilight series, Call of Mini: Zombies from Triniti is the path to self-reclamation.

As far as zombie shooting games go, I found Zombies to be straight-to-the-point: the undead are coming, and they wanted to feast on my brains. As to be expected, I was not fond of that resolution, hence the conflict. Fortunately, I had a gun (or chainsaw, or rocket launcher) to help me with my side of the argument. I found the gameplay to be fluid. I had to move and shoot, depending on dexterity and weaponry to avoid and dispatch the oncoming hoards of monsters.

The best way for me to describe the draw of the graphics is the unique, LEGO-esque nature. This gave it a unique feel on the screen, and in combination with the coloring and music, made for a very interesting landscape.

Option-wise, I found ample room for customization, through cash earned by blasting corpses. I started out the game as the nondescript Joe Blo, but I found out that I could use cash to become any number of generically named fighters: Swat, Cowboy, Doctor, Marine… or, I could just go big to purchase the persona of an Eskimo. Each character had some tangible attribute; for example, being a Marine would have given me better accuracy and the ability to afflict more damage per capita. I could also use my hard-earned cash to procure better weapons, body armor or health packs. In-app purchasing provided procurement shortcuts for when the the game was not moving fast enough. I did like that the purchasing system was not invasive. I found the controls a bit interesting at first; the key was to not allow myself get boxed in and swarmed. I found moving around smooth in practice. To further flesh out the title, I found there is a versus mode, and multiplayer capabilities.

There are a number of zombie-type RPGs out there, but I feel confident enough to state that I’d be hard-pressed to find another that lets you suit up as an Eskimo to do the deed.

Call of Mini: Zombies Review Rundown

Graphics - Cool, end-time graphics sell the story.
Controls - Takes a second to understand, otherwise fluid.
Gameplay - Options, options, options. And, you're killing zombies.
Replay value - Options keep you coming back.
Overall - Excellent, imaginative, multi-layered title with plenty of options.

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  • BlkGun

    PLEASE HELP ME: This game lacking on details for characters. 1st NOONE knows how much or what they mean by eskimo “great damage resistant” i know it have the best damage resisant but its the 2nd most expensive character so i need to see something a little more exact than “great” like %. Dang ill even settle for mutliples compared to the default character ex: 8x…. 2nd for the ninja characer, speed i get that but wilderness skills? Wat is that evasion or something? And if so how often is it going to evade? 3rd for marine i get then main point so overall im good but the more power yoi have the more ammo items drop? Or is it the more power it have the the more bullets come with ammo? If you answer these you’d be helping thousands of people out and realky help us decide our perfect hero ty