Camera ZOOM FX Review

Camera ZOOM FX Review

Oct 10, 2011

When it comes to camera apps on Android, well, things are still barely off the ground. Granted, the new apps that hit the market continue to expand capabilities, add in new effects, and push creativity, and Camera ZOOM FX is one of those apps. However, it is still far from a perfect all-in-one photography tool.

This camera app certainly tries to do all things for all people. As a straight up way to take better photos, this is extremely powerful. Options like time-lapse, burst mode, timer mode, steady shot, and even noise-activated shooting make this a wonderful tool. I found the sound activation a bit finicky, while steady shot took a few seconds to do its magic. Despite these quirks, I found the pictures came out great and the app responsive enough to handle spur of the moment shooting that required quick reaction time.

It is not all about camera control here, as there are special effects that can also be applied to the resulting photos. Options here range from adding on lomo effects to various distortions and warping. There are even a few collage settings for those that want to tell a story in images. Some of these effects are viewable in real-time, mainly borders and vignettes, while the rest are stackable during post processing (lomo, black and white conversion, and vignettes all applied to one shot). There is a little something here for everyone, and it rounds out the app nicely.

The feature I enjoyed the most was how this app integrated with others that I had installed, especially when it comes to sharing. When I wanted to export/share a shot, the app brought up the standard programs like email/Twitter/Facebook, but then it also incorporated items like Bluetooth and Lightbox. Sure, I could save the finished product to the memory card and then launch these separately, but having access right from the app is a big time saver.

Things are not perfect here, however. I found the lack of control over the effects limiting, particularly when trying to apply a tilt-shift filter and I could not move the focal point to where I wanted it. This lack of control ultimately made certain filters useless unless some pre-planning was used for these specific conditions.

From a camera standpoint, this is possibly the best app I have ever used. The amount of control from how fast burst mode works to adding in custom buttons/gestures put a lot of power in the hands of the user. There is a nice collection of filters that cover a wide variety of tastes, though some are more usable than others. Regardless of a few finicky quirks, users that want to get the most out of their camera need to add this to their digital tool bag.

Camera ZOOM FX Review Rundown

User Interface - The bulk of camera and FX actions are easily accessabe from buttons on either side of the app. There is a bit of confusion that takes place in the two different “settings” areas as each of these controls widely different aspects of the app.
Functionality - This is by far the most powerful camera app on the store. There is plenty of features packed into this to allow great control of the finished photo. The addition of filters is just icing on the digital cake.
Usefulness - Some filters take a hit thanks to their lack of adjustments, but that is minor when compared to all of the tools and setting tucked away here. This could quickly become the go to camera app.
Performance - No major complaints on the performance of this app. The camera was quick enough to use in spur of the moment situations and the filters applied quickly. Saving and sharing were also fairly speedy.
Overall - Think of this as one of the most powerful camera apps on the store and it happens to come with some filters for an artistic touch. If the filters are tweaked to allow user control, this will greatly enhance the value for the dollar.

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