Card Wars – Adventure Time Review

Card Wars – Adventure Time Review

Apr 3, 2014

Card Wars – Adventure Time is an excellently-executed card game, and apart from some design issues, as well as a baffling lack of multiplayer, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The rules should ring familiar to Magic The Gathering players. The game field consists of eight parts – four lanes, divided between two opposing players. The player fills their lanes with lands at the beginning of the game. Then the players take turns, placing creatures, buildings, or casting spells, ultimately trying to get the opposing player’s health down to zero. The creatures can only be placed on specific lanes, with some exceptions, buildings are put on any lane, and then improve any creature, placed on it, and spells do various things. The players have five mana points each turn, and every card has a certain mana price, depending on its power. While buildings and spells are simple, creature cards have several properties: health, attack, and special power. Special powers differ between the creatures and can be activated each turn by each creature – but they also cost mana. Sometimes it’s important to see what’s more important: using a creature’s power, or playing a card. Player also has a special power. The powers are different for every hero, and can be used every several turns.

Card Wars – Adventure Time is in no way limited in features. Player needs to build their own decks from scratch, unlocking new Card Wars 3cards in the campaign, and craft special cards if he finds a template. The campaign isn’t really varied, and consists of different heroes that the player needs to defeat, unlocking new cards and leveling his heroes in the process, but it’s large and does have some great rewards.

Card Wars – Adventure Time is a great card game overall, but it’s not without issues. It’s full of unnecessary screens and transfers, and I wish I could skip the cool animations if it meant getting to the next battle faster. Hero leveling mechanic cries an unfair advantage, because it not only gives larger card limit for a deck, but it also significantly improves the player’s base health. Pre-battle land filling is clunky and placing the damn stuff is a challenge in itself. Still, it doesn’t make the game boring, or really frustrating. But what the floop, Card Wars, where is multiplayer?

Overall, Card Wars – Adventure Time is miles better than other mobile TCGs. Its mechanics are simple, its cards are (mostly) fair, and it looks completely staggering. I definitely recommend it to any fan of trading card games, although I don’t think you’re going to enjoy it that much if you’re just in it for Adventure Time characters – or wish to play with your friends.

Card Wars – Adventure Time Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A lot better than other card games. Like, A LOT.
Controls - Trying to pick a card isn't always as challenging as actually trying to place it on the board.
Gameplay - Solid card-battling goodness. I'll give it another point when it gets a damn multiplayer
Replay Value - A lengthy campaign, lots of cards to unlock, and interesting mechanics. Replayable. No multiplayer.
Overall - Simply one of the best mobile TCGs.

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