Castleville Legends Review

Castleville Legends Review

Nov 4, 2013

Castleville Legends has the player taking charge of a huge kingdom. Too bad it’s ruined and also cursed. The crux of the game is to uncurse the kingdom piece by piece, building a thriving township along the way.

The basic cycle of gameplay begins by harvesting natural resources such as wood, water and apples. Buildings are then used to turn those resources into valuable things, such as arrows, ladders and food. Sometimes, another building can be used to add additional ingredients to create even better items Finally, the items are sold for more money so more buildings can be constructed to exploit more resources.

Unfortunately, creating items is a mind numbing experience. For every single item the player needs to drag the item onto the building, wait out the timer, tap to collect the finished item, and then drag the next one and so on in a long, boring process of making one item at a time.

Why the ability to just drag 5 or 6 bags of oats or whatever onto the player’s cow pasture at once to spare this tediousness is a mystery. In another ridiculous design choice, the town can realistically only have one of each building, unless cash is ponied up for Crowns. This means the player cannot construct multiple workshops to generate items quickly without paying a lot of money.

Castleville Legends is also rife with timers and usually very long ones at that. For example Apple Oatmeal is a decent item for making money early on. It requires 4 apples (5 seconds each), two bags of Oats (2 minutes each) and then using those items at the trail kitchen (fifteen minutes) This is all for one item that makes a decent, but not amazing amount of money. Repeat the same busywork a hundred times except with longer timers and that’s Castleville’s gameplay to the core.

Screenshot_2013-11-03-03-21-11Selling items for cash is done though a caravan run by Myra or naval trading via your port. Selling things to Myra is rather annoying as she has a random selection of what items she will accept that changes now and then. Players can tap an item to have Myra replace it with a new one but this involves yet another timer.

Fortunately produce can be sold via your port at any time, but this features a long timer.

The game also features mini quests that form part of a story, but these boil down to making a few items and dragging characters onto a location. Very dull.

Castleville Legends looks impressive. The game really looks and feels like a fairytale as just about everything is shiny and shimmering. The game’s sound is really as nondescript as it gets. All the clicks and zaps expected from a Zynga game and nothing more.

Lacking any real gameplay or fun, Castleville Legends is little more than a click and wait simulator. There are literally dozens of nearly identical games on Android. Zynga Fans will likely enjoy it, but anyone else should stay away.

Castleville Legends Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks like a fairytale, sounds completely average.
Control - Very poor interface for item creation, generally slow to use otherwise.
Gameplay - A parade of mostly mindless quests and busywork. Nothing really new.
Replay Value - A lot to do if you enjoy it, but you likely won't.
Overall - Castleville Legends is yet another tedious freemium city builder. It is just not a fun game and there are far, far better games on Android.

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