Chameleon Launcher Review

Chameleon Launcher Review

Sep 27, 2012

Finding the right launcher can make all the difference in the world when better productivity is needed. The problem is, most launchers don’t allow for both a cosmetically pleasing look and enhanced productivity. Chameleon Launcher is a new launcher that does both.

The reason Chameleon Launcher is different is because of the layout. When first starting out there’s a blank main screen and three application icons at the bottom. By pressing and holding the screen, a list of the different widgets will appear. Select one of the widgets like Facebook or Twitter for example and a space on the home screen grid will be filled by that which. The widgets take up two spaces but can be resized to take up more or less space.

The widgets can also be a rearranged by pressing and holding the screen. Once the the little gear icon shows up on all of the widgets, drag the widget where it would look better. This is also how to change the settings of the widget or log into the social account being displayed in the widget. The different home screens can be set up so there’s a personal, a work and a weekends setup. Some of the widgets available are the time of day, Facebook, weather, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail and others.

Another widget that’s handy is the RSS feed option. There’s a specific site whose information is important, this widget will keep the up-to-date information on the home screen. Chameleon Launcher is the only launcher to my knowledge that allows the end user to create their own widgets. Use their API to make a widget and make the tablet home screen even more personalized and useful.

Initially at the bottom of the screen, there are three applications in what looks like a dock. To get to the applications, simply press the space off to either side of the applications in the dock or press the icon to the right side that looks like a small grid. All of the applications will pop up. Dragging and dropping the application icon into the dock is all it takes to move the app to the dock.

Chameleon Launcher Review Rundown

User Interface - adding widgets and applications to your home screen is super easy to do.
Usefulness - When you use your tablet more than your computer, everything to make your experience better is a welcomed add-on .
Performance - I liked the social and RSS feeds right there and the larger app dock.
Value - chameleon is a bit pricey compared to any of the other launcher options available in the Google Play Store. If you are an avid user of your tablet, it will give you a completely different look than any other launcher available.
Overall - The tablet used was on the low side of the recommended performance specs. With a tablet able to handle things better, the experience would be better.

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