Chemical Cubes Review

Chemical Cubes Review

Dec 31, 2012

Here’s a puzzle game that doesn’t involve just matching falling blocks! Chemical Cubes is a more intriguing take on the genre. Blocks scroll in from the left side of the screen. The goal is to make sure that a column of blocks matches up as the same color vertically before it reaches the end. Of course, it’s easy early on when there’s just red, blue, and green, but then when more colors get involved, it’s not as easy, let’s just say. Oh, and other difficulties expand the column size from 3 to 4 and 5. Mess up 3 times with mixed color columns passing through the barrier, and it’s game over.

The gmae is a great fit for the Nexus 7 and large phones, with plenty of room to make quick moves. The game does get extremely frantic, picking up in pace, and it’s easy to get into that trance state where only the mission at hand matters, nothing else. The game is basic, both visually and in concept, but it does work extremely well. There’s even little bonuses for matching up the same color columns consecutively.

The game does suffer somewhat by not having online leaderboards; it’d be great to compare scores with friends, though this is partially Android’s fault for not having a built-in service similar to Game Center. It feels like having a reset or something similar when a mismatch occurs would help out a lot, as right now it feels like sessions can end way too quickly.

While this is a basic puzzle game, I still had fun with Chemical Cubes. It certainly is a nice refreshing change of pace from all the other match–3 puzzle games out there, whose existence will haunt me to the grave. This game will not. It will be a respectful mourner at my grave.

Chemical Cubes Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Basic, but effective, art and music.
Controls - Frantically tapping on the screen to maneuver blocks always felt reliable.
Gameplay - A basic concept that works. Could use a few more frills though.
Replay Value - Unfortunately, the lack of online high scores really holds things back here.
Overall - A solid little indie puzzle game.

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