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Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

Aug 30, 2013

Chuck’s Challenge 3D, from Niffler Ltd., makes it easy to like it.

In this puzzle caper, Woop, a curiously toothed purple alien serves as our cocky protagonist. Apparently, Woop likes a challenge, and in a bit of clever development, he gets to interact with gaming icon Chuck Sommerville and get all sorts of solvable riddles to test his powers of deductions.

The playing area is usually a grid made up of a surface of cubes; on those cubes was a rally point of sorts, and the simplistic goal is to get our guy from the start point to the end point, which signifies the successful end of the attempt. Movement is effected by a virtual joystick that controls movement one square at a time.chuck1

Of course it’s never that easy for too long. Advanced levels introduce newer twists to the gameplay… stuff like boxes, motile organisms and things like switches. For example, one cool level has a gap, a square and what can be described as a proxy robot that can only be controlled by standing on av area with a special control spot on the board. It takes a bit of doing, but finally being able to use the proxy to create the ad hoc bridge is more gratifying than I thought it would be. The creativity of the puzzles, from the jetpack to the switches were really good. Completion times are recorded, so, in essence, it is a race against the clock.

I also liked the little touches. In every level, there was a square with red and white floral shirt on it; navigating to that square invokes Chuck, who gives some tongue-in-cheek pointers about the level in question. It was simple and whimsical, just like the game overall. It is also cool that it’s possible to create levels and play ohter user-submitted levels.

Rich graphics make up the visuals, and the 3D is not a misnomer; the extra dimension does bring valuable aspects of the game to life.

Great game, simple concept, and enough whimsical features to make it appealing to different age groups. Yep: easy to like. Toss in controller support and SHIELD compatibility, and we’re at potential love.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Bright, inviting, whimsical
Controls - Simple and intuitive.
Gameplay - Varied, timed levels, plenty of variations, from sliding ground to "shooting" creatures.
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Fun game with great pedigree.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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