Clash of Puppets Review

Clash of Puppets Review

Dec 19, 2013

If you didn’t hate vampires before, despite having lots of reasons to do so already, Clash of Puppets is your chance to start. It’s a pretty classic 3D platformer/hack-n-slash game, similar to any other 3D platformer, all the way to Mario 64. Although there’s a bunch of issues I have with it, it’s mostly an alright game with fine graphics and action. Player has to complete a level, fighting off various enemies, escaped from different monster movies, including the flipping vampires, and in the process – collect as much as he can of the coins, scattered across the level. The player character wields a melee weapon, a bunch of ranged weapons, and traps that he can leave in his wake. I’m not sure why the game is called Clash of Puppets, as I have seen no puppetry involved, although the characters do look like cheap Chinese Anime knock-off toys. Speaking of characters, I found the enemies’ voices extremely irritating, although it could just be me.

The levels, which are quite numerous and set in three different worlds, also require the player to run and jump around different Clash of Puppets 2obstacles, although making mistakes doesn’t really mean losing lots of health – while confronting the bloody vampires does. By the way, the great thing about Clash of Puppets is that there are a bit more coins on each level, than required to get three stars at the end, so the player can miss a couple, without having to replay the level all over again. On the other hand, if he dies, he has to. There is absolutely no saving feature, so dying at the end of the level means replaying it all over from the start. Another issue I’ve had with the game, besides the vampires that can kiss my butt any time, is the somewhat inconvenient weapon switching system that requires taking the aiming finger off the screen, and requires some practice to get along with.

Overall, I found Clash of Puppets a consistent, nicely done platformer. Its battle pacing and shooting are a bit flawed, but it’s still a fine game with lots of levels, weapons, and enemies. The vampires still suck, though.

Clash of Puppets Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Mostly fine, but the voicing is irritatingly stupid.
Controls - Some not very significant issues with weapon-switching and aiming.
Gameplay - Hack-n-shoot platformer. Platforming is great, hacking and shooting could be a bit better.
Replay Value - Lots of levels and weapons to keep the player interested.
Overall - Not exactly revolutionary, but definitely worth its price.

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