Commander Pixman Review

Commander Pixman Review

Jun 8, 2012

Prepare to die. No, my name is not Inigo Montoya and you did not kill my father. Death is just a very common occurrence in Commander Pixman from One Minute Games (ported over to Android by Noodlecake Games). This is a trial-based platformer (think Super Meat Boy) where players must try to get to the end goal, represented by a blinking pit, as quickly as possible. However, there are plenty of obstacles in the way. Enemies wander around, serving as both obstacles and targets to shoot at. There’s also spikes and mines, along with just plain tricky level design, to deal with.

Getting the fastest times on a level – and the 3-star rating that comes with it – requires timing the enemies as well as the game’s floaty platforming physics, a seemingly intentional choice because of the fact that the game is in space. Very quick reaction times are often needed, and successful runs feel like they are well-choreographed like a ballet, except instead of dancing in tutus, a pixel spaceman is jumping over aliens. Of course, there’s also the rewards for just killing everything. Commander Pixman is free to play, with a sizable set of levels available for free, and some extra challenging ones available as an in-app purchase.

The controls could be better optimized for tablets; for now, they’re just massive buttons, and moving right seems to require an incredibly elongated thumb with which to hit that right directional button. When respawning after dying, buttons need to be re-pressed to start up again. This may be a good thing, but it does take a bit of adjustment to get used to. The floating physics do take a lot of practice to master, because of the fact that they’re just so different from many other games.

Commander Pixman ain’t easy, but it’s a great distraction for those who like their Android games to be extremely challenging. Have fun, and prepare to die!

Commander Pixman Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Retro style, chock-full of pixels! This kicks it more Atari 2600 than NES, though.
Controls - Too large for play on 10-inch tablets, the virtual controls are a best fit for phones and perhaps 7-inch tablets. There's the natural challenge that comes from playing a difficult platformer with virtual controls, of course.
Gameplay - The level design is fantastic, with enemy placement being well-done to reward those with quick reflexes.
Replay Value - Plenty of levels to challenge players, and the game gives enough of a free taste, as well.
Overall - Fans of ultra-challenging games should have a swearing good time.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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