Crumble Zone Review

Crumble Zone Review

Mar 25, 2013

Every now and then, I get to try out a game that initially baffles me, but ends up surprising me. Sometimes it’s good; other times, less than optimal.

Crumble Zone was one of those games that surprised me.

I have to say that I became infatuated with the look of the app. It was a true party of bright, inviting colors that really leapt out at me. The animations were smooth, and explosions brightly rendered.

The best way to describe the gameplay is “planetary.” I was a sentry alien of sorts around a large space rock, protecting it from incoming asteroids. The asteroids came in different sizes packing differing destructive payloads, so it was imperative to get to them — and destroy them — before they orbited into my home planet. To accomplish this, I made use of two direction buttons on the left, and a firing button on the right. Additionally, there were special weapons I could get with diamonds I procured.

Yes, I said diamonds. I got precious jewels for destroying particular space rocks. I also used the rotate button to pick them up. I found that these multi-colored diamonds served as game currency, which could be used to purchase upgrades and such. I liked this a lot, as it placed advanced activity in my hands: play well, and play long, and the game is more interesting.

The pace was fast, and got more challenging as I progressed. I liked the explosive sequences, and found out that it took a little bit of strategy to maximize effectiveness. I was able to instigate combos and the such, and the advanced weaponry and attributes were pretty cool.

The game also has a local multiplayer option that pits two players in a battle of asteroid blasting.

As I said at the beginning, sometimes I get surprised. This one one game that blew me away… in a good way. I was impressed with the design and consuming gameplay, but was not pleased at the length of time I had to use to, uh, review the app.

In fact, I have to go do some more research.

Crumble Zone Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice, nice, NICE looks, with a fitting soundtrack.
Controls - Easy to understand and use, though they could have been better spacing.
Gameplay - Surprisingly creative, with plenty of variation.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - A sleeper hit that is a joy to play.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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