Dead Trigger 2 Review

Dead Trigger 2 Review

Nov 29, 2013

Dead Trigger 2 is a technical spectacle. Madfinger took what was an okay zombie shooter, made it look better, control better, and improved the gameplay too. You can’t teach a zombie new tricks, as the game’s still somewhat similar at its heart – but it’s just a better game.

Yep, this is still about shooting waves of zombies in a wide variety of levels, now all over the world. The game can be rather grindy – there’s lots of missions with very similar goals, and really, it’s all about taking out zombies one way or another. The game randomly notifies that the zombies are getting stronger, seemingly to spur players on to get more powerful weapons just because. Still, the missions all make more sense, especially in the story missions, as there’s just more context to player actions. Then, the random missions are just that: random missions to get coins to get upgrades and replenish the items.


The touchscreen controls, a reviled part of any mobile first-person shooter, are actually quite solid here. Perhaps it was a deal with the devil, or just a year-plus of work to make touchscreen controls work properly, but this is the best-controlling mobile FPS, period. Playing with the touchscreen is an acceptable option! Of course, there’s gamepad support – both MOGA and HID gamepad support were available that I was able to test. The controls are fully customizable for any preferred button layout. Navigating the menus with the gamepad is a bit unwieldy, though. As well, disabling auto-fire and enabling aim-down sights controls isn’t automatic, it needs to be configured in the pause menu, though for those who want to play like that, hey – go for it.


While I want to believe that Madfinger are just technical wizards – and their ability to make good-looking games does help – their ability to get actually-working cloud saves through their custom login system (which does carry over from previous games) is that they might have practiced black magic to get it working and that I am now cursed for having used it. It carries cross-platform: I’ve played on iOS and Android with the system.

Dead Trigger 2 can be a bit of a free-to-play grind, but really, it’s far from the worst kind of grind – I’d rather be shooting zombies while waiting for wait timers to end than just, well, sitting around and watching paint dry. Plus, the game is so well-made that it’s hard to complain.

Dead Trigger 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks fantastic, I must say.
Controls - The best FPS touchscreen controls ever. Gamepad support too!
Gameplay - It's a much more well-rounded game, with plenty of variety, though there's a lot of grinding.
Replay Value - The game is fun, it's just, as I said, very grind-y.
Overall - A very solid zombie-killing FPS.

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