DEER HUNTER 2016 Review

DEER HUNTER 2016 Review

Sep 29, 2015

When it comes to, um, “manly” endeavors, none resonates as well as hunting game. Heck, some folks put their livelihoods at risk to shoot that of the protected kind — no love here — but gaming kings have outlets decidedly less controversial.

DEER HUNTER 2016 can easily be one of these. It has good pedigree, is easy to get into and provided the staggered gameplay that has the potential to keep folks addicted.deer3

It boils down to a encompassing series of missions, mostly to with hunting deer (obviously). The first mission is a perfect frame of reference, as it requires the bagging of a juvenile deer.

As one progresses, this first level serves as a tutorial; one learns how to move using virtual buttons, and also how to aim, zoom in even further, and how to take shots. Based on this first mission, one is also able to gather that successfully completed missions yield game cash and experience points. After this, the rest of the game is “opened” a bit more in all it’s leveled glory.

It goes on with different type of missions, adding in more specific tasks (like getting a lung shot), and, as a consequence, upgrading weapons and gear so as to deal with said new tasks. For instance, when it comes to locking in on internal organs, it helps to have infrared sights. To upgrade, the aforementioned game cash is useful to have.

The action is fairly realistic. Taking an errant shot tends to spook the animals, so being accurate with the first shot is definitely recommended. It’s possible to injure a target, but just like real deer, these virtual ones will hobble away if allowed to. On and on it goes, with an energy requirement, daring the player to bring down different types of deer while managing resources simultaneously. There are predators too; man, gators move fast.

Fair warning: the touch controls doesn’t do the game justice; it’s far from bad, but if one is used to playing hunting sims with realistic peripherals on console, it might be a bit underwhelming. In some areas, the animations feel somewhat stilted, but it works well overall from a graphical point of view; simple stuff like the slow motion bullet isn’t new, but is welcome nonetheless.

Still, mobile is where it’s at, and this one works well on the go, though the experience is better the bigger the screen is. It’s a great leveled adventure, and is a fun, non-lethal means of, well, shooting game in unique locations around the virtualized world.

DEER HUNTER 2016 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Serviceable graphics, with fun animations and nature sounds.
Controls - Simple touch mechanism.
Gameplay - Leveled hunting SIM.
Replay Value - Quite entertaining and engaging.
Overall - Lots if virtual fun to be had.
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