Defender II Review

Defender II Review

Dec 14, 2012

The defense game category is another one that is not lacking at all in the Play Store; the offerings are many and varied. But, as I am wont to say, that is good for those looking for a good defense game, because competition is good.

Defender II from DroidHen is one option that is actually fun and different while retaining familiar concepts of the genre. As the title suggests, it is a follow-up to the original Defender game.

Now, the basics are the same: there were monsters and such trying to breach the city walls. They came in singles and group waves, and from different angles. My job, as a crossbow-wielding sentry, was to take them out before they were able to tear the city’s wall down. Now, what sets Defender II apart from other titles are the unique elements. I found it to be a structured game, with defined upgrade paths that matched the increasing difficulty of the levels. Destroying monsters earned me game coins, and successfully making it through a stage earned me coins and/or precious crystals. I was able to upgrade a host of items and attributes, like the range and speed of my bow, or the power and longevity of my fire elixir. Some powers had to be earned by leveling up; some were unlocked by successively upgrading qualifying attributes. For example, if I wanted to get the multiple arrow enhancement, I had to have “Power Shot” effect at Level 3 and “Fatal Blow” up to Level 3 as well. Each successive upgrade cost more than the last, and there were some really nice effects further in the game (hint: get that lava).

The complexity of the system is a blessing and a curse in my humble opinion. I loved that the goals were clearly spelled out, but I did find it fairly hard to progress after a while, as the monsters were faster, meaner and more varied. The coin payouts shrunk considerably (since being overrun was happening more frequently), making it tougher to progress without doling out real cash.

Graphically, the developer did well. The ghoulish look of the monsters was a treat, and the sounds matched well. I especially liked that the game had a battle mode, where it paired me with on the same course; whoever stayed alive the longest won. This was one way to try to earn crystals and such.

All in all, another fun game from DroidHen.

Defender II Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Animations were smooth, and music sounded well.
Controls - Tap to shoot; some dragging and dropping.
Gameplay - Varied gameplay.
Replay Value - fairly addictive, but ads and FB linkage may be distracting.
Overall - Fun game; has some baggage, but very enjoyable.

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