Disney Bola Soccer Review

Disney Bola Soccer Review

Jul 17, 2014

Sadly, the World Cup is over, and while I’ll miss the hilarious tweets from our editor (like this one), make no mistake: Football NEVER ends. Disney clearly understands this, hence a game like Disney Bola Soccer.

The game is about as simple as one could expect a simulation to be; it is fairly easy to get it going and getting started. The play area is laid out somewhat as one would expect a soccer game to, with an expansive, shifting top-down view. The game presents the players somewhat whimsically, but there is a judicious use of color that helps frame the gameplay.bola1

Basic in-game movements and actions are effected by gestures and taps. Tapping a player highlights said player. Gesture dragging allows the player to dribble without the ball, and longpressing creates a shot, and tapping a player without the ball gets the ball passed to that player. The play comes together well, and kudos to the developer or using realistic formations and off ball runs; the game clock is an abbreviated 90 minute affair. As games are won, one’s team has an opportunity to move up leagues, and face tougher opponents.

Winning games is pretty much the end goal; there is a cash payout for victories, and this cash can be used to upgrade player attributes. I did like how this particular piece works. It’s simple and straight to the point, and mostly feels logical, and can be performed in between games.

Some of the movements are a bit stilted, and in the easiest mode, the sequences can be somewhat simplistic. Some elements that could add to the gameplay, like replays, are not present, and not every scenario in soccer is represented. Still, it works well to bring soccer alive in a fairly realistic, mobile package.

Four more years? Not so long, potentially, with this one.

Disney Bola Soccer Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Good graphics, but some minute details could be streamlined.
Controls - Intuitive controls, but in some instances feel clunky.
Gameplay - Simple, career-inspired gameplay. Easy setup and upgrade process.
Replay Value - Fairly enjoyable.
Overall - Decent simulation with simple progressions and upgrade system.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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