Doodle God Review

Doodle God Review

Feb 9, 2011

Doodle God puts you in the position of a deity who gets bored one day, and decides to start combining the basic four elements into various other elements. This, of course, includes vodka – you’re a deity who knows what’s important. You basically just select your elements from a list and then start combining them, combining things like air and earth to make dust. Your goal is to eventually make enough element combinations to fill out your entire collection of 115 elements in the 14 groups. Being a deity is hard work.

Doodle God is all about the joy of discovery. There’s something immensely satisfying about combining various random elements, and creating new ones, and then using those new ones to make new elements, and watching as the game stacks upon itself. Thankfully, if you get stuck (and you will often get stuck), the game gives you hints that you can check every 3 minutes. The music does a good job at setting a serene mood for contemplating and creating new elements. As well, the game comes with support for OpenFeint for achievements.

The problem with Doodle God is really the gameplay – all it boils down to is randomly matching together different elements in the hope that either some kind of combination could make a new element that makes sense. It’s often a crapshoot as to what works and what doesn’t – things like fire and sand work for glass, but other combos won’t make anything work, and the only real reason for this is that the game decreed at some point that the combination of elements that you’re putting together will not work to make some new kind of element. You’re fighting against the game’s whims, rather than trying to solve some kind of puzzle.

While Doodle God often doesn’t make sense, it is still a fun little game of discovery that can prove to be addictive. If you’re jealous of iOS users that have gotten to play the game, or need a simple little pick up and play title that will rack your brain as you try to uncover its mystery, Doodle God isn’t a bad way to go.

Doodle God Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very basic and lo-fi graphics that get the job done.
Controls - Simple drag and drop controls that do the job, though having to re-select your classes of elements when you make a match is annoying, especially when you make a match that you've already made.
Gameplay - The game provides a unique satisfying sense of discovery whenever you find a new match. However, the game can be nonsensical with some of its matches.
Replay Value - Discovering all the matches will take a while, but once you do, it's hard to think of a reason to come back to this one.
Overall - Frustrating yet strangely compelling, this is a solid little puzzle game.

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