Dot.Stop.Run Review

Dot.Stop.Run Review

Nov 8, 2013

Dot.Stop.Run is a pretty eye-catching runner, but how does it play?

Players control Dot, an enigmatic female as she runs along a landscape littered with hazards, such as pits, falling blocks and moving platforms. Using well timed jumps, the player must guide Dot through each level.

Dot.Stop.Run has the bare vestiges of a story. Dot has escaped from the unseen system and now runs through an endless binary domain that changes constantly to recapture her. Only by making her way safely through the binary domain can the true power of Dot be unleashed. This story doesn’t really make an appearance in game, but at least it sets the tone for the trippy gameplay to follow.

Played normally, Dot.Stop.Run is very hard. The game moves very quickly, there is little time to gauge how to jump on platforms without falling to your doom and hazards come up far too quickly.

Luckily, Dot has the power to stop time for a few seconds. This lets her react to threats quickly enough to take action and even lets her halt falling blocks in midair to use them as platforms.

Screenshot_2013-11-05-07-29-27Even with this power Dot.Stop.Run is likely one of the hardest endless runners to be found on Android, requiring pinpoint timing to survive. Some pits require jumping from the exact edge of one side to reach the other, while a long series of platforms will send you plunging to your doom instantly if you don’t freeze them at exactly the same height. The game uses a checkpoint system which helps alleviate the annoyance somewhat, but dying endlessly will grate on any player’s nerves

Unfortunately, even with the time freeze mechanic and the punishing difficulty Dot.Stop.Run is hardly compelling. There is just little to the game except running and jumping and there is just too little variety in the game to hold anyone’s interest. This type of gameplay has been done a million times on Android and Dot.Stop.Run just doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself. A upgrade system or equitable items or similar trappings would help it hold interest longer.

Besides the basic campaign mode where you work your way through a series of levels, Dot.Stop.Run also includes an endless mode that is self-explanatory and not much else. It is a bit of a one trick pony.

Screenshot_2013-11-05-07-31-28Graphically Dot.Stop.Run goes for a flat, minimalist look. The game features dynamic lighting which adds a bit of flair. As you climb a hill for example the other side of the hill will be in darkness until you crest the hill. While some may miss the bright colorful graphics of other runners Dot.Stop.Run’s simple appearance makes it inviting.

Dot.Stop.Run‘s sound matches its graphics well. A variety of catchy ambient techno tracks accompany the frantic gameplay. Actual sound effects are limited to footsteps and little else.

Dot.Stop.Run is a competent runner, but there are just so many better runners on Android to give this one much time. It isn’t a bad game per say, just an unremarkable one.

Dot.Stop.Run Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks unique, great music.
Controls - Reacts first time every time.
Gameplay - Doesn't really do anything different.
Replay Value - If you're determined the difficulty will keep you playing for a while.
Overall - An enjoyable game but nothing new.

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  • sudorossy

    Hi there. I’m the lead dev on this game. Thanks for the review! You raised some really good points about it not really having much to set itself apart from other, similar games. It’s something I was afraid of, and I’ll hopefully address them in an update, including toning down the difficulty a little (though I did intend for it to be a pretty difficult game anyway).