Dragon Blaze Review

Dragon Blaze Review

Jul 24, 2015

Another day, another half-assed free-to-play “RPG” game looking graphically better than 80% of western mobile market. Some artists either have it very good, or very bad, since all of the crappy excuses for games coming from there, look undeniably wonderful. But, after you take away the shiny wrapping, the nasty insides come out and you notice to your horror that the games’ guts are all twisted around, leaving them as half-dead husks just gobbling up playerbase by dangling the shiny sprites in front of their faces. I’m wondering how much better these games could be if the developers actually tried to make them better, instead of shuffling every ages old mechanic they possibly can inside a Skinner box.

It’s probably obvious that I don’t hold Dragon Blaze to the highest standards. It’s a tired, unimaginative gaming flick that reeks of bland corporate charts and some very tired programmers rehashing old code 10th time in a row. I don’t even want to describe the worthless, repetitive gameplay and generic, bland story. You run to the right and some monsters come up. Then you click on a single button until either your hero, or the monsters die, and then run further. There’s no skill involved, no interesting mechanics or Dragon Blaze 4turns. You have a squad that you can manage and alter, adding new equipment and learning new skills, but ultimately it’s all irrelevant, since this all doesn’t really make a difference. The story is about some dragon having attacked a kingdom some time ago, and its king hiding a terrible secret, or whatever. I don’t care one bit about any of those characters, since the developers certainly didn’t. This extends to the whole experience, really.

All in all, it’s not an unplayable game, or a cheap one, but it’s so generic and unfun that it’s impossible to appreciate whatever good parts it may have about it. Just ignore it, and continue playing any of the hundreds of similar games that have been around for years.

Dragon Blaze Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The one good thing about the whole game.
Controls - There's barely any, but no problems here.
Gameplay - A whole slur of mechanics, coming together to form a complete mess.
Replay Value - There's a lot to see, although you've seen it all a hundred times.
Overall - It's not unplayable, but I kinda wish it was.

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