Droid Analytics Review

Droid Analytics Review

Sep 17, 2010

A “visitor counter” at the bottom of your website is so 1998. If you want to know real data about your site, you need Google Analytics.

If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics (GA), it is code that you can insert into your blog or website that will help you answer questions you may have had:

How many visitors do I get per day/week/month?
Where do these visitors come from?
What are they looking at when they arrive?
What sites are pushing the most referral traffic?
What is the most successful route to push more traffic to my site?

If you have a website or a blog, and want to see your analytic information on the go, the Droid Analytics is a decent option. I only say “decent” because I think Droid Analytics falls short of “great.”

Droid Analytics is good for quickly glancing at what’s going on in your site, but “drilling-down” into more information isn’t possible. Most (if not all) of the information you need is presented in a spreadsheet-style layout, but it’s not exciting to look at.

After working with Droid Analytics for a few days, here’s my rundown:

Things I liked:

The data is accurate, and up-to-date.
Recently, a blogpost I wrote was picked up by a major network. Using the Droid Analytics app, I could see an hour-by-hour breakdown of my post’s popularity. I was away from the office at the time, so that feature was appreciated.

It offers the most information outside of going to the GA site itself.
You can graph the Page Views, visitors, bouncerate, and more. You can see the top keywords, countries, sources of traffic, search engines, operating systems, browsers, and more.

This is the only app that graphs your GA data.
I like to visually see what my website is doing compaired to yesterday, and the week/month/year before. Droid Analytics will graph it for you.

Things I didn’t like:
The app is slow.
After you log in (which you have to do every time), the app makes you wait through a welcome screen at startup. You also wait for it to load when it opens for the first time, and I waited almost a full minute while it was populating the graph data.

The app isn’t pretty.
The user interface is uninspired, and the spreadsheets and graphs have the information, but are, simply put, ugly. If you’ve worked extensively with the Google.com/Analytics user interface, you’ll have to relearn this, and you might find it cumbersome.

You can not export or “share” your data.

There is no “region map” to see where traffic is coming from.

If you’re passionate about keeping track of your site’s traffic, then Droid Analytics is your best option in an app. As I found when I was writing this review, the google.com/analytics site rendered wonderfully on my HTC Evo. After bookmarking, I had fast (if not faster) access to the same data Droid Analytics was offering. If you’re passionate enough about your website to be constantly checking it’s analytics, you might find Droid Analytics’ interface and loading times a chore.

Droid Analytics Review Rundown

Presentation - The app presents raw data, but takes all the fun out of it.
Graphics - Simple, but outdated.
User Interface - Successfully presents the data, but ugly, and if you're screen is small, very difficult to read.
Lasting Appeal - The trial is free, and full-featured for 24 hours. Try it. Personally, I just bookmarked google.com/analytics
Overall - If you're interested enough to need analytics on the go, this app's lack of polish and speed will frustrate you.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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