One Epic Knight Review

One Epic Knight Review

Aug 8, 2013

The overabundance of infinite runners on the mobiles has led to the fact that even the best games in this genre can at best be perceived as mediocre, simply because there are so many of them on the market. Still, they keep getting released, and they keep being somewhat interesting, despite their great numbers. One Epic Knight is one such game, but it’s surprising in the way that it actuall manages to be a bit different from its counterparts.

One Epic Knight features a man in shining armor, who is ready to descend into a dungeon of unknown proportions, and start bashing orkish skulls around. At the core, One Epic Knight is a cliché infinite runner, with the camera following behind the hero, quite like Temple Run and dozens of games that are copying it. The hero is running through dungeon corridors and can switch between three available lanes by swiping the finger across the screen. Swiping upwards will make the knight jump up, and swiping it down will prompt him to slide on the floor, escaping monsters and traps.

One Epic Knight 2However, One Epic Knight isn’t satisfied with being just another copy, and features several new mechanics that try and change the game from a clone into an interesting, and even somewhat varied experience. The first novelty is obviously the graphics. It strongly reminded me of Warcraft 3, and it’s definitely a good thing. 3-D graphics and detailed textures are sided with overly simple models and cartoony style, making for a unique visual style.

Another new addition is an ability to pick up shields and swords. First ones can bash through an obstacle, if the player couldn’t change the lane it in time, without hurting the player. Swords can slice through the enemies, which can also be escaped, but bashing the enemies gives a multiplier to the picked up loot, making it helpful to try and slice through the next orc, instead of escaping it. There are also several other mechanics, like magic potions and scrolls, upgrading the weapons and other stats with the loot, and challenges that change with each run.

One Epic Knight has a great quality, and is quite original, which is a difficult task to achieve for an infinite runner. It’s an upbeat, interesting, and unique game. It’s not an amazing game, and it definitely isn’t revolutionizing the genre, but it’s certainly one of the best infinite runners I’ve played for a while.

One Epic Knight Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very nice graphic design. Knight's short monologues at the start of every run is also something else.
Controls - Nothing different from the other infinite runners.
Gameplay - Enough new mechanics to be interesting even to the old fans of infinite runners.
Replay Value - Plenty of different rooms and mechanics to keep being interesting for a long time.
Overall - It's a well done infinite runner, nothing more than that. It's just really good.

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