Epoch Review

Epoch Review

Jun 3, 2013

Epoch is a fantastically laid out cover shooter that does a remarkable job of bringing the robots that make up the gameplay to life.

For backstory, we have a never-ending war between robots that masks the mystery of what happened to a past civilization. The only way to piece it together is to fight through waves of enemy robots.

The built-in tutorial helps you along in this battle of metal. Waves of enemy combatants migrate towards our singular robot, who starts off with a low level gun. To move around, swipe gestures are employed, and they control movement. To shoot an opponent, the opponent just needs to be tapped; aim on that robot is maintained till the robot is destroyed, epoch1or another target is selected. Or our robot is destroyed. To gain an advantage, the right balance of cover and attack has to be maintained.

Eventually, in addition to a gun, replenishable grenades and missiles become available.

After overcoming a wave and earning points that translate to cash our robot picked up supplies from other robots. This, in my mind, was another ode to realism. The collected materials are useful. The game cash can be used for valuable upgrades, as the quality of opponents and their arsenal increases. I liked the game purchasing system. Current equipment can be sold to help pay for new stuff. In-app purchasing also exists to expedite progress.

The post-apocalyptic scenery is startling in the dichotomy of emptiness and packed destruction; the danger and despair can almost be tasted. The city remains are the perfect backdrop for this type of game, and create natural feeling perches and covers from which to pop up and do damage. The excellent use of colors pretty much dictates the overall feel of the game, with dark hues effectively highlighting hopelessness. The robots looked realistic, inasmuch as one can imagine robots. The movements and animations had a mechanized degree of life-like-like attributes; the rolls, ducking, leaping and landing all just seemed to obey the major laws of physics.

Simply put, I enjoyed this game a great deal. The gameplay is simple but engrossing, and the game commerce makes sense.

Epoch Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice array of graphics; realistic looking scenery.
Controls - High marks for simplicity. Easy to control and understand (swipes and taps).
Gameplay - Nice cover shooter game.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - Excellent gameplay all-round.

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