Evertales Review

Evertales Review

Jul 23, 2013

Fantasy settings can be so hard to take seriously sometimes. Men with pointy ears, goblins, wizards – it can just seem so childish and ridiculous. Evertales is more than aware of this and sets out to poke fun at the traditional tale of ‘3 brave heroes out to defeat an evil power’.

The problem is, the humor’s nothing special. Repetitive one-liners and a sarcastic narrator are the game’s main method of getting a laugh out of the player. What won’t make the player laugh is trudging through this bland and buggy action platformer.

Evertales sees you play as one of three characters at any one time. You can switch at will between a swordsman, an archer and a wizard, each having their own special powers and abilities. This could have been a great mechanic, but the levels never really require too much thought or character-swapping. Apart from one section where the archer’s double-jump was required and the wizard’s ability to float was needed I can’t remember any other time where each character’s unique trait was called for.

The combat and controls simply won’t entice anyone to stick with this game for too long. Attacks have an animation delay to them that makes fighting enemies a hassle and makes bosses a nightmare. The whole game lacks a polish that’s needed to make it recommendable. One example being a giant stone golem boss that was defeated by simple jumping through it repeatedly to avoid its attacks.Evertales

Not that getting hit matters. Death in this game is of little to no consequence as all that occurs when the health gauge hits zero is a slight reset. The player will be placed a few feet back, enemies will have their health reset and on you go. No game over and no real punishment.

The characters can be upgraded, unlocking new weapons and costumes along the way. Evertales suffers the same problem that a lot of other games also suffer form in that it becomes a near pointless exercise to unlock any of these items. They’re not necessary to complete the game’s short campaign and none offer anything new to how the characters play.

One positive aspect to end on would be that the game’s got some impressive visuals. There’s a life to the characters and enemies within the levels and each stage has its own unique aesthetic based off common fantasy locations. It’s just a shame that playing the game isn’t as pleasing as the game’s looks would suggest.

Evertales is an action platformer that does nothing new and suffers due to poor controls and a lack of polish.

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Evertales Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Nice graphics, though sound-effects are repeated a little too often.
Controls - Controls feel 'delayed' thanks to animations that take too long to finish.
Gameplay - Combat is boring and getting killed holds no punishment.
Replay Value - A short campaign, though a few inconsequential items to unlock.
Overall - Slightly better than average, though little that stands out.

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