Expendable Rearmed Review

Expendable Rearmed Review

Nov 26, 2012

Games based in the future are always a lot of fun. they can be really fantastical and let the imagination wander. Games where there is a need to shoot pretty much everything moving are also a ton of fun. Expendable Rearmed fits in both categories. The year 2463 is when Expendable Rearmed is set. Mankind has reached into deep deep space. The problem is, space has reached back.

This futuristic shooter is not at all short of action. Some graphics and effects are made just for the Tegra 3 hardware like the Nexus 7. The game is mostly an overhead view to show all of the surrounding areas so the aliens cannot sneak up from dark places.

The weapons… oh the weapons! The weapons in Expendable Rearmed are as futuristic as the story line. Everything from lasers to some sort of light orb kinda thing to mini guns and grenades. When there is something on the screen moving, it needs to be shot so it stops moving.

The on-screen controls are pretty easy to use. While I have said over and over how I’m not a fan of on-screen d-pads, these are pretty easy to use. The reason these d-pads aren’t too bad to use is because they aren’t locked to a specific spot on the screen. The gun control is on the right side and the character movement is on the left. To use the d-pads just make the motions pretty much anywhere along the the appropriate side. As long as the action isn’t to high to change weapons of fire a grenade the d-pad will work great.

Keep an eye out for naked hostages cold and shivering behind some boxes. If the words Mercy Killing pop up on the screen, that was a hostage who just got shot. Sometimes in the heat of the moment they get caught in the crossfire because of their hiding place.

Expendable Rearmed Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The sound and graphics are amazing. Even though it is an overhead view, there is a lot of detail to the characters and landscape.
Controls - Normally I dislike on-screen d-pads, but these were easy to use.
Gameplay - Even though Expendable Rearmed is a shoot everything that moves kinda game, it is still pretty challenging.
Replay Value - I think Expendable Rearmed has enough violence and challenge to bring back almost anyone over and over.
Overall - Great game for anyone with a Nexus 7.

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