FaceFighter Gold Review

FaceFighter Gold Review

Dec 27, 2010

Joe the co-worker just won’t shut up about his grandiose life (even though you know his salary doesn’t permit such a fallacy) and you’re just daydreaming about giving him a fat lip (Which I’m totally not condoning). You know you could never do such a thing without having a tsunami of negative consequences ensue, not to mention the possibility that Joe may actually end up whipping up on you. How about that 16 year old Starbucks employee, or the guy that cut you off? Sure you could go grab your stress ball or maybe do some yoga exercises but the guys over at Appy Entertainment have a much cooler way of dealing with the blockheads in your life. Thanks to their funny first-person fighting game entitled FaceFighter Gold, we can all unleash our hidden fury onto the faces of our foes (or friends if you wish). Stay tuned for a face kicking Android Rundown.


The object in FaceFighter Gold is simple and described best by Appy Entertainment: “If it has a face, you can fight it!” You pick an opponent, engage in one-on-one combat, and proceed to make meatloaf out of their face! This hillarious first-person fighting game features 11 preloaded foes ranging from the iconic stereotypes to the absolute absurd! The real fun comes with the ability to also create your own custom opponents. Using your camera or an existing photo, you are given the ability to create an almost limitless Rolodex of opponents you’d like to pound on. Punch, kick, release “Legendary Fury” and laugh as you create a tapestry of bruises, bumps, black eyes, and fat lips. Then finish your opponent off with an “Immortal Judgment!” (think “Finish Him” from Mortal Combat, only comical)

Creating an opponent is surprisingly simple. You just click on “Make Foe” and then choose to either take a picture using your devices camera or import an existing photo from your device library. Once the photo is loaded onto the face template you can pinch to zoom or rotate your photo to ensure the best fit. Next, double check the face cropping and voila, you now have a custom enemy! I did have a problem on my Motorola Droid when trying to use the camera option. It would allow me to access my camera and take a picture, but when I tried to upload, it would forceclose. I noticed in comments that other Droid owners are having the same issues so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Before starting a match you have a couple of options to set on the “Wheel of Pain” screen. Pick from ridiculous items such as a rubber chicken to use as a weapon when unleashing your “Legendary Fury”. Choose a judgment ending for finishing off your opponent and an arena in which to fight. You can also set the difficulty level and amount of KO’s necessary to win a match. Once you have that all set go ahead and hit fight. It will take a couple seconds to load so don’t freak out about the blank black screen.

Game Controls are touch screen and consist of four on screen buttons plus a “Legendary Fury” attack. Use the “Swift Attack” for lighting fast combos, the “Furious Attack” for heavy-hitting combos, or the “Kick Attack” to give your opponent a face full of foot cheese. There is also the “Active Block” button if you get the inclination to go on the defensive. Once you’ve landed a certain number of hits, your “Legendary Fury” meter will fill up and glow once full. Tap to equip yourself with whichever weapon you chose, then — for a limited amount of time — you can use it to bash your opponents face in. If you successfully knock your opponent out, you can finish him/her by pressing the judgment icon when it appears, so keep an eye out for it.

Graphics and audio are loud, fun, ridiculous entertainment that I personally never get enough of. FaceFighter Gold also includes OpenFeint integration allowing for social connectivity, achievements and leaderboards. Combine all that with the ability to share the photos of your busted up opponents via email, Twitter, and Facebook and you’ll be busy populating a library of pain for hours upon hours. Whip this out at a party for a few laughs or use it as an anger management tool and save yourself some jail time. Either way FaceFighter Gold offers enough comical face fisting fury to warrant its $2.00 price.

FaceFighter Gold Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - Creative, fun and sometimes just downright twisted, these graphics and sounds are hillarious!
Game Controls - Easy touch screen controls with minor latency from time to time.
Gameplay - Ninja schooling virtually anyone you want is AWSOME! Then again my maturity level isn't very high. -1 point due to camera forceclosing on me!
Replay Value - OpenFeint, achievements, options and almost limitless opponents create replay value that can go more rounds than Rocky Balboa.
Overall - This semi-mortal combat parody makes for pure immature hilarity. Bow before my finger tapping fury. Fix forceclose on camera and I'll +1

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Mikeig35

    dont buy it freezes not worth playng very frustrating