Falcon Pro (for Twitter) Review

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) Review

Dec 13, 2012

Having tried every Twitter client there is for Android, I can confidently say that Falcon Pro stands out from all others. Falcon started as a widget for Twitter only, but is now available as a fully functional Twitter client that’s even better than the official app.

The interface is not as clean and polished as the official Twitter app, but that’s not to say it doesn’t look good. On the contrary, Falcon Pro‘s double-sliding menus and dark theme creates a unique Twitter experience. Swiping the main page to the right shows follower and following details, timeline and other filters including mentions, direct messages and retweets. The app settings page is also accessible from here. Swiping to the left shows Twitter lists, if any, as well as saved searches and trending topics.

Getting new tweets are done by pulling down and releasing the timeline. Individual tweet functions like retweets, delete, mute and share are all available by holding down a tweet from the timeline page. On the settings page, one can set how often the app refreshes the timeline, notification types, and enabling the Tweetmarker.

Two notable features in Falcon Pro that’s often missing from other apps are Tweetmarker and Mute. This is not very common among other Twitter apps, and doesn’t look to be a future functionality of the official Twitter app. I like the mute function for more control of the timeline, choosing which ones I want to focus on. Tweetmarker remembers where you left off when exiting the app, so it’s easy to get back on track when using it again even from another device.

The app boasts of fast load times, and it seems to hold true to that promise. Timelines refresh at fairly acceptable speeds, even with average mobile data connection.

Photos and videos included in tweets can be viewed inline using the app’s built-in web browser and video player. However, if one prefers to view media content with an external browser, this feature can be turned off in the app settings.

There are more things to like about Falcon Pro, and it’s clearly a very competent Twitter client that is not to be ignored. With a unique interface and lots of impressive features, this app makes tweeting extremely flexible.

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) Review Rundown

User Interface - The app design may not be as slick, but it still looks very well-made.
Usefulness - With a lot of handy features, Falcon Pro is probably the most useful Twitter client to date.
Performance - Loading times are smooth and fast, just as advertised.
Value - For its price, this app delivers more than what's expected -- a very good deal.
Overall - Falcon Pro is one of the better Twitter clients to come out in a while, it's a must-have for heavy Twitter users.

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