Fish Tails Review

Fish Tails Review

Apr 30, 2013

Fish Tails was a fun game that I stumbled upon while reviewing Green Throttle Bluetooth Controller.

In this side scrolling aquamarine game, I got to guide my adventuresome koi fish on gold collecting errand. The game made me think of arcade games, with its soft color schemes that made up the background. Visually, it was made up of mostly stills; the animations were not groundbreaking, but they worked. Air was air, water was water and little ambiguity existed. The extras, like fish and birds, were utilitarian in looks and movements.

The gameplay was equally simple. Coins lined the travel path at different levels. I had two touch controls; tap to fish1dive, and multi-touch to increase speed. The trick was a combination of timing the dives to get deep coins, and also getting enough latent energy to arc into the air to capture highly placed coins. When you add in the objects that could slow me down, it became quite the challenge to get a set amount of coin in the shortest time possible. For a side scrolling game, it was not boring.

I liked the different flavors of challenges. Want to race to 10 coins? 100? Fine. Differing levels of difficulty helped round out the playability of the title.

And then there is the Green Throttle Bluetooth Controller compatibility that I hinted at earlier. At the risk of sounding like it has mystical powers, I truly felt the accessory really made the game POP. I do not dare belittle the work of the developers, but I really loved this game when it was played with a conventional-felling controller. Frankly, it makes it stand apart.

For a no frills time waster that works well with Green Throttle peripherals and transforms to a two-player game on the big screen, one cannot go wrong with Fish Tails. It’s lack of frills is a tribute to the inevitable occasions when some basic, mindless fun is sorely needed.

Fish Tails Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Utilitarian graphics, sounds.
Controls - Easy controls; Green Throttle Compatibility a huge plus.
Gameplay - Fun, easy-to-understand gamneplay.
Replay Value - Surprisingly addictive.
Overall - Another fun title capable of expanding to full-fledged multiplayer fun center.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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