Flick Golf Review

Flick Golf Review

Oct 27, 2011

Full Fat Games are back on Android with their take on golfing, Flick Golf! This game is not to be confuse with a realistic golfing simulation, though. The game is more of a target practice game using golf mechanics. The player simply flicks their finger upward to hit the ball, then flicks in midair change the spin of the ball. Landing the ball as close to the hole, if not in it entirely, is the goal. Getting close scores more points, and in timed modes, adds more time to keep going. The game has 3 modes: Quick Shot, where scoring as many points in 60 seconds is the goal; World Tour, where the player has 9 shots to score as highly as possible; Finally, there’s Quick Shot Pro, where holes are windier, bonuses are worth less, and players only start with 30 seconds on the clock.

The flick controls work very well and are part of the game’s fun, especially when flicking wildly to try to get a shot near the hole when the clock is about to hit zero in Quick Shot mode. It’s a fun pick up and play game. Also, the game runs letterboxed instead of stretching to fit the taller than 2:3 aspect ratio that the game was designed for. It’s barely noticeable, and it just looks better than when games are stretched.

The only real problem with the gameplay is that the “flick to add spin” mechanic becomes so integral to the game that the initial shot almost doesn’t even matter, as rapid flicking to spin the ball near the cup is required to make shots. Also, the courses are mostly the same, just with different themes. Some levels are windier, but that’s the biggest difference between courses, so things can get monotonous after a while.

Flick Golf can be a bit repetitive, but it has a fun control mechanic and will last long enough to make that dollar spent worthwhile.

Flick Golf Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Decent 3D graphics, and the game thankfully doesn't stretch to fit aspect ratio, instead running in letterbox mode.
Controls - Flicks work well, though shots off of the tee seem to have little impact whatsoever.
Gameplay - Very simple, and a bit over-reliant on spinning shots in midair.
Replay Value - Three game modes, though two are just different difficulty versions of the same mode.
Overall - A simple game with solid controls.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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