Flick Soccer Brazil Review

Flick Soccer Brazil Review

Jun 26, 2014

I blinked and I missed it. England’s run in this year’s World Cup has been close to shambolic and to be honest I missed a lot of it. Mainly because I was playing Flick Soccer Brazil.

The setup’s simple. A ball, a goal and a keeper. The aim is to swipe at the football and then as the ball’s mid-flight you swipe at the screen again to apply some extra dip, lift or swerve.FlickSoccer2

This sounds easy but there’s a real skill to swiping at the ball just quick enough to get enough height on the shot so it reaches the top corner. Even a fraction too much velocity to your swipe and the ball will end up in row Z.

You can drag above the ball to get the camera to swing around the ball. This helps you line up your shot better, especially if you’ve got a pesky defender willing to stick their face in the way of your shot. In the end.

With the basic controls understood, it now boils down to how challenging and interesting the game makes these simple mechanics. Luckily there’s enough here that even the England defence could give it their full concentration for 45 minutes.

A series of different modes include The Crossbar Challenge, where you need to hit the crossbar as many times in a row as you can. Then there’s a consistency challenge that provides simple enough targets to hit, though to get a good score in this mode you can’t afford to miss a single shot.

The real challenge, funnily enough, comes in the game’s Challenge Mode. The challenges range from ‘Trainee’ level all the way to ‘World Class’. The challenges get harder as the targets in the goal get smaller, the keepers get better and the number of defenders in the wall get more plentiful. To unlock each new level you need to reach a certain score threshold. Even once you’ve unlocked the subsequent level, you’ll still be reminded that you’re a certain number of points away from unlocking the gold medal at that level.

I’d like to point out that you gain nothing from unlocking the gold medals on each level. Nothing except pride and a sense of achievement. I could make another England football team joke here, but right now, it feels like kicking someone when they’re down.

Medal-chasing and score beating is the crux of the entire game. From the outset, most of what the game has to offer is available and the only thing that’s going to keep you coming back is the desire to beat your old score and to simply enjoy swiping at the ball and seeing your perfectly placed shot nestle into top corner or, the sweetest of them all, ping in off the post.

It says a lot that the game’s simple controls hold up so well and are the main selling point. This isn’t to say that the game doesn’t have other strengths. The game has, for example, been given a Brazilian makeover and as such has plenty of South American music playing in the background alongside some quite nice 3D visuals.

At the end of the day (to use a soccer cliche) Flick Soccer Brazil offers a great test for those that enjoy beating their own high scores and provides a control scheme that should be easy enough for anyone to try and tricky enough to be worth conquering.

Flick Soccer Brazil Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Vibrant 3D visuals and a samba inspired soundtrack.
Controls - Simple swiping controls hide a level of skills required to get the high scores.
Gameplay - An addictive set of challenges and a good range of modes.
Replay Value - Not too much to unlock, but with a better score just a swipe away you'll likely keep coming back.
Overall - Swipe Soccer Brazil is a simple concept executed brilliantly. Like a Dennis Bergkamp goal, it's a thing of beauty.

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