Footy Live Scores App Review

Footy Live Scores App Review

Dec 15, 2011

If you’re a big fan of soccer overseas (hereby referred to as football) it can be hard keeping up with your favorite team or league due to the lack of media coverage stateside. There are a multitude of apps for following foreign football but Footy Live Scores (FLS) is one of the best. The first thing I noticed opening up FLS was the insane amount of leagues represented here. If anyone is a fan of the Kazakhstan Premier League, this is the app for you. Like most apps you have the option to select your favorite teams but it’s a nice touch that when opening FLS these teams are displayed on the splash screen.

The main scoreboard screen can be overwhelming at first and the ads are sometimes distracting, but once you get your sea legs this app becomes very impressive. As its name suggests, Footy Live Soccer shows a live scoreboard of all football games being played that day. After selecting a game to follow, FLS will send you notifications on any event you want: goals, yellow and red cards, half/full time, and a few others. These notifications sound with a very appropriate and thankfully, optional, whistle blow. Two small gripes with the notifications are that some of the options seem repetitive and notifications stack on top of each other, meaning that leaving an area with no coverage might subject you to a barrage of whistles as updates flood in.

A downside about this app is that there is no analysis like you would find with the ESPN ScoreCenter App, but there are everything else you would expect including standing for leagues and tournaments. Also, compared to ESPN’s ScoreCenter, Footy Live Scoring is quicker, contains more leagues, and delivers more reliable notifications. So if you’re a football fan who follows multiple teams and has trouble keeping up with all of them, I highly recommend downloading Footy Live Scoring.

Footy Live Scores App Review Rundown

User Interface - Not the prettiest interface but a definite step up from some similar apps. Obtrusive and distracting ads do bring the experience down, however.
Usefulness - It can be hard to keep tabs on teams overseas on the go due to lack of media coverage stateside. This app gives you real time game updates quickly, but unfortunately has nothing in terms of news or analysis.
Performace - This app is very quick. Load times between screens are there but are minimal. Games update immediately and notifications work just as they should.
Value - Its free so that automatically makes this simple app a great choice.
Overall - Again, this is a great app for those who cannot watch their favorite teams play. Couple it's performance with a solid UI and it's awesome value and this app is highly recommended.

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