Fruit vs. Robot Review

Fruit vs. Robot Review

Sep 19, 2012

With the iPhone 5 coming out this week, there’s been a particular war of words between the two sides of the Android and iOS debate. Hush, Windows Phone users. How about instead of silly debates between users of the two platforms, they tried to show who was superior by way of competiton? That’s what Fruit vs. Robot hopes to achieve. This is an online cross-platform multiplayer game where there are two sides: the “Fruit” side of players who represent iOS, and the “Robot” side that represents Android. Then, in a variety games including trivia, board games, and balloon popping, players take on someone from the “other” side to see who can raise not only their rank, but the rank of their side in general.

The game does appear to actually contain synchronous multiplayer between different platforms. I usually am able to find a game, even late at night. The game does appear to put users of the same platform against each other when necessary. All the competitions are generally basic, but it’s fun to compete against someone else in them. Popping balloons? Not that enthralling. Popping more balloons than someone else? A tour de force! Plus, the overall rank of each side is shown for each game, so those really looking to be their platform’s flag-bearer can focus on the games they’re losing in.The game is free-to-play, with coins and stars earned throughout, that are used to unlock new minigames and outfits. The game being free-to-play makes it easy to get new people into the game, and to keep the player base high.

The trivia questions can be somewhat obscure, though it’s also silly to see some of the band names that get added in as choices with the correct choice at times. The graphics aren’t exactly top quality, though art assets are optimized for high-resolution phones. None of the games will really win any awards for innovative gameplay, but they’re all a part of the cohesive whole.

Fruit vs. Robot is high on novelty factor, but that’s enough to sustain it for a decent amount of time. Now go out there, Fandroids, and show those tiny-phone-wielding Apple fanboys what a bunch of angry robots can do!

Fruit vs. Robot Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Passable, but nothing worth writing home about, though who actually does that?
Controls - No real control issues here, though the interface could use some cleaning up.
Gameplay - It's all a bunch of silly mini-games, but the charm comes from playing with live opponents and supporting one's OS of choice.
Replay Value - Online rankings and new mini-games to unlock are reason enough to come back.
Overall - The concept is the appeal, but it's done well enough to stick around for a while.

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