Castle Doombad Review

Castle Doombad Review

May 28, 2014

Ever since Dungeon Keeper turned out a flop massive enough to sink Japan, I’ve been yearning to play an interesting bad guy dungeon strategy, and Castle Doombad is almost exactly what I was looking for. It’s a trap strategy, somewhat close to the tower defense genre, but at the same time – completely different from it. And, of course, the main hero is a bad guy. Not some poor, misunderstood sob, but a proper torturing, evil and cunning bad guy.

Each level, a mob of self-proclaimed heroes storms your lair in an attempt to kidnap your princess that the evil boss has probably just finished kidnapping himself. There’s a number of cunning traps at your disposal, and they should be used to defeat the armies of good that can’t just leave you well enough alone with your tortured princess. The princess Castle Doombad 2produces screams that are collected and stored as the sole resource for your traps and minions. Incidentally, the minions don’t behave much different from traps, but can move around their floor, which the castle is divided into. The traps are very different and there’s a lot of great synergy between them, like a freezing trap making enemies get hit twice on the floor spikes. There’s a great number of traps and minions in Castle Doombad, and each one of them can be upgraded, giving them new abilities and improving characteristics. Of course, the enemies get tougher and tougher as well, and some of them can destroy your defenses and leave you helpless, if you don’t dispose of them in time. There are special abilities that you can use and turn the tide of an almost lost battle, but they should be kept for later levels.

I didn’t notice many IAP restrictions in Castle Doombad. Sure, the game becomes more and more difficult with each passing level, but smart management and the correct traps for each level almost remove the need to farm the gold on purpose. And repeating the levels is great fun anyway, as is often the case with strategy games. To be fair, if you don’t like optimizing your strategy and thinking about the different tower placements, Castle Doombad will probably seem too tense and punishing, but if you don’t mind the challenge, it’s a fun and unusual mobile strategy game. And it’s about 250% better than Dungeon Keeper 3.

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