Gears and Guts Review

Gears and Guts Review

Sep 4, 2012

I have to give Glu some credit for doing two things. One, they're trying to make free-to-play titles that are still about action, and traditional gameplay, along with the kinds of 'social' and simulation titles that are popular with casual audiences as well. Gears and Guts is their newest entry of the former genre. It's the zombie apocalypse because of course it is. So, it's time for players to get behind the wheels of cars with deadly-yet-still-improvised weapons, like hood-mounted laser cannons, giant spike grilles, and flame throwers shooting out the side. The undead will be just plain dead very soon.

The game uses a mechanic similar to card games for getting new vehicles and weapons, in which there are randomized cards that are picked up during the undead slaughtering that grant new vehicles and weapons. These can either be equipped, sold, or used to upgrade existing items. The player's arsenal is given a numerical power level, which essentially shows how difficult a level is going to be. Have a lower power level? Well, it's probably going to be the zombies winning. Grinding earlier levels does become necessary to get more bolts and cards to make upgrades and new vehicles purchasable.

The game is plenty of mindless, gory zombie-smashing fun. The missions generally just involve killing different types of zombies in different locales, with randomly-generated locations for checkpoints and whatnot. Launching missiles and sideswiping with buzzsaws? Who couldn't love that?

The game does tend to run rather sluggishly on the Nexus 7, which is a shame because this is one of the first games I've seen with issues on the device. Also, the game continues the Glu tradition of locking a lot of items behind paywalls. It can be frustrating to see all these great game-changing items that might look like they can be bought with small amounts of currency, but nope, they require expensive amounts of money to buy. It is possible to earn small amounts of credits in-game, but it only happened to me once.

Gears and Guts may be another Glu game that rewards those willing to drop a lot of money on in-app purchases, but free players will find plenty to enjoy here, though there will be a lot of grinding in the long-term. Still, this is one of the more enjoyable Glu titles to come out in recent memory.

Gears and Guts Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game has plenty of detail and looks really nice, though the game does tend to skip even on new hardware.
Controls - Simple virtual controls, similar to a game like Reckless Racing 2.
Gameplay - Lots of randomness and grinding gets involved, but also plenty of grinding up of random zombies!
Replay Value - Paywalls become an eventual factor, which is the only thing discouraging free play.
Overall - Glu has themselves a solid free-to-play action game here.

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