Globber’s Escape Review

Globber’s Escape Review

Jul 31, 2014

More than 30 years since its initial release, Pac-Man is still one of the greatest video games ever created. Although Pac-Man holds up surprisingly well today, the game’s formula could use some tweaking and updating for modern audiences. Well, at least that seems to be the thought behind Globber’s Escape, a new Android title that puts a modern spin on the Pac-Man formula.

Globber is a gelatinous glob attempting to escape the science lab where he is being held. It is up to players to help Globber find its way through the rooms of the lab. Along the way, players must guide Globber away from evil scientists roaming levels and towards alien flunkies and objects. The premise is refreshingly simple, and gameplay is frantic and fast-paced.

Like Pac-Man, Globber’s Escape is easy to jump right into, which is perfect for mobile gamers. In fact, the game’s lack of menus is almost confusingly simple. Boot up the game and one simple tap will take players directly into gameplay. There are no simple tutorial levels to educate players or option menus to browse through; Globber’s Escape is all about the gameplay.


While Pac-Man is based on gobbling up all objects located on the entire screen, the objective in Globber’s Escape is to get to one specific area of a level at a given time. While mad scientists roam the lab, aliens pop out of machines spread throughout levels, requiring players to react quickly to collect the aliens while avoiding scientists. Once players are able to corral all aliens in a particular area, a special power-up will appear nearby, allowing Globber to break apart into multiple forms to make getting around the lab easier.

In the spirit of Pac-Man and popular mobile titles, there is no way to actually complete Globber’s Escape, or even any of the levels in the game, a fact that can be frustrating for the objective orientated gamer. Instead, the object of the game is to advance through as many levels as possible without dying and accumulate the highest score possible.

Once players collect enough aliens in a particular area, a door opens up and players can make their way through it. As players advance, labs begin to offer more of a challenge. Scientists eventually give way to larger and quicker robots.

Dying doesn’t have to be the end all in Globber’s Escape. Gamers can use hammers acquired during gameplay to be brought back to life. However, hammers are difficult to obtain–the only clear way to get them is through an awkward post-death slot machine mini-game–so using them wisely is necessary.

Globber’s Escape is just the right mix between Pac-Man and something new. The game pays homage to one of the most popular games of all time and honors its legacy. However, it is not a Pac-Man clone. There are enough new gameplay elements to make Globber’s Escape an original title, and it feels right at home on mobile devices.

The frantic pace and ability to jump right into the game means players will be returning to help Globber escape over and over again.

Globber’s Escape Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The art style is interesting but not overally impressive.
Controls - It can be frustrating at times to navigate Globber quickly through levels.
Gameplay - The fast-paced gameplay makes the experience enjoyable.
Replay Value - Globber's Escape is quick and easy to jump right into.
Overall - The game is a refreshing take on the Pac-Man formula that is right at home on mobile devices.

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