Grandpa and the Zombies Review

Grandpa and the Zombies Review

Feb 6, 2014

Zombies mess with everybody. Why not the elderly? In Grandpa and the Zombies, we get to see what happens when a cranky, indefatigable wheelchair-bound gentleman named Willy decides not to be pushed around – or consumed – by the actively undead.

Thankfully, the developer dispenses with convoluted backstory in setting up this saga. Via cutscenes, we get the most basic of zombie apocalypse stories: gramps wakes up in the hospital, with no memory but a sturdy cast. With zombies closing in, he commandeers a wheelchair and rolls rapidly to safety.

The gameplay is based off of that simple premise: avoid the monsters, and find a way out of the maze within a set of rules. The playing area looks like a set of different, interconnected rooms in the hospital a roof, and this is highlighted by the top-down view. Gramps is usually in one section, and the general objective is to navigate him via gestures to an exit square. Navigation is tricky, as once Gramps is moving, he continues to move in a straight line until his progress is stopped by an object like a wall. Since the open-ended rooms are fairly irregular, this means gz1moving around to get to the desired location requires some puzzle-solving. Sometimes, making forward progress entails going backwards for a while, and the shortest path isn’t always the most successful. Finishing a level opens the next.

Further to this, there are other elements which add to the challenge. For example, there are three candies that can be collected in each level; placement of these candies is clearly done to provoke a bit of thought with regards to retrieving them. Then, stuff like monsters appear; the monsters are lethal went touched; they also match Gramps movements and also move until an obstacle stops them. With careful finagling, it is possible to get rid of the monsters by manipulating to move out of the area.

The graphics work; the animations are whimsical, and work within the premise of the game.

It’s a simple game that manages to be fun without being overly silly. At under a dollar, it provides a decent amount of fun and is a reasonable value.

It also shows that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to kicking getting better of the undead.

Grandpa and the Zombies Review Rundown

Gaphics/Sound - Very presentable, with minimalist touches and decent animations.
Controls - Gesture-based controls.
Gameplay - Puzzle solving with increased complexity.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Great idea that pulls the game beyond the limits of a well-used story line.

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