GTasks Review

GTasks Review

Aug 16, 2010

GTasks, by developer Dato, is my favorite To-do list app. In the shadow of the ever-popular Astrid, GTasks is an unsung hero. Why? First, because it’s simple. Face it, if it’s over-complicated, you won’t use it. Astrid is too complicated. Second, it syncs with Google flawlessly. Astrid can’t.

Did you know that Google has an integrated to-do list in Google Calendar? It’s great for people like me, who need to write at the top of their list, “#1 – DO NOT LOSE THIS LIST.” Gtasks syncs with Google calendar in two directions; allows you to organize your lists into categories, and the colors, categories, and more will all show up in your Google calendar page. I’ve found it very helpful to have my to-do lists in several places, instead of only on my phone, or vice-versa.

In-app, you can set ring tone reminders, create individual tasks, or categories of lists. You can change the name, color, and order of your lists. With the simple swipe of a finger, you can scroll between the categories, and quickly pull up what you’re supposed to be doing next.

The widgets are good-looking, and flexible at two different sizes, but aren’t really more than a window to display your to-do list. If you tap on the widget, it simply opens the app. The sharing options are a little weak, and as of now, it’s impossible to export an entire list of to-do’s.

I was shocked that this app hadn’t been created by Google’s labs first, but so far, Dato has beaten them to it. The free version is full-featured, and the ads are far from intrusive. If you decide to purchase the Ad-Free version, it’s $6.99, which is far more expensive than it should be. This is a to-do list app, not a “guaranteed to get you a date for tonight” app. But none the less, if you find to-do lists invaluable to your daily routine, GTasks is the best so far.

GTasks Review Rundown

Presentation - Not as pretty as Astrid, and a light or dark background option would be appreciated, but either way, not ugly.
Graphics - The app “zooms-in” or “zooms-out” to different tasks, which is some welcome eye-candy, but nothing that will terribly impress you.
User Interface - Pleasantly easy to use. It easy to find your way around the app, and believe it or not the lack of options makes using and understanding this app a breeze.
Lasting Appeal - I’ve used this app for months. It hasn’t crashed, or failed to sync with my Google account. It does what it should do, simply and consistently.
Overall - It’s a no-brainer to download the free version, especially if you’re a heavy user of Google’s products, i.e. Gmail and Google Calendar.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Alex Oliveras

    this app would be perfect for me since i use Gmail/Google calendar constantly! Thanks!