Gyro Review

Gyro Review

Oct 1, 2012

Gyro is a game that takes the pretty simple concept of matching colors and adds a twist. I mean, it’s a game so has have little bit of a challenge. The way Gyro works is that there is a wheel in the middle of the screen with three colors on it. Colored balls come from all directions towards the wheel in the center. The goal is to match the colored ball with the colored section of the wheel.

As the game progresses little helpers such as defender drones are there to help. These drones are just floating orbs around the wheel and the center to help stop bubbles with the wrong colors from getting into the wrong section of the circle. Some of the bubbles as symbols in them such as a + or skull or a star. Each of these is there for a reason. For example the + adds color back to that section of the wheel.

When the wrong color gets into the wrong section of the wheel in the middle, a little bit of that color is wiped away. The amount of damage will depend on the size of the bubble hurtling towards the wheel. The bigger the bubble, the more damage inflicted. Once all of the color is gone in one section of the wheel the game is finished.

Gyro gives two ways to control the rotation of the wheel. The first way to control the wheel is by placing a finger on the wheel itself in the middle of the screen. By moving the finger back and forth the wheel turns. The second method to control the wheel is using the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. By moving a finger left or right on this bar the wheel moves in a corresponding manner.

Gyro Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The graphics are pretty plain but to be honest, having a more beautiful bubble or wheel wouldn't make the game any more fun. You get pretty busy watching the bubbles come in and rotate the wheel that you don't pay attention to the graphics.
Controls - The dual controls are nice. I found that the bar at the bottom was a little bit easier to use than a finger on the wheel.
Gameplay - Even though it's a simple concept, it's deceptively difficult.
Replay Value - Gyro is the type of game that you can pick up and play for 5 minutes.
Overall - I like the concept taken from something so simple as matching colors.

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