Hopeless: Football Cup Review

Hopeless: Football Cup Review

Jul 18, 2014

In Hopeless: Football Cup, players get to experience a different kind of football videogame. If I have to put a game next to it that closely resembles it, it should be Orange Pixel’s Tapkick Football. In the good and the bad way.


Hopeless: Football Cup is a game where players need to tap on the touch screen, in order to make the blob on-screen head the ball away. If they don’t, the ball will simply demolish the little bugger and than it is game over for the player. It is a hard concept, similiar to games like Flappy Bird; players just need to keep on tapping at the right moment to succeed in the game. Hopeless: Football Cup perhaps stands even more closely to Orange Pixel’s Tapkick Football, a game that featured the studio’s own vision on the simple tap mechanic of Flappy Bird.

And like Tapkick Football, Hopeless: Football Cup has only one mode. This could be enough if the game would be as simple als Tapkick, where players can only choose different country’s. Those country’s teams had no effect on gameplay and just changes the color scheme of the players. Hopeless does things a bit different. Players need to get high scores to earn money and with that hard earned cash, they can buy extra stuff to make life more comfortable for those sad looking, little blob fellows. But sadly, this game isn’t that much fun to earn that money to make life more comfortable – in fact, the gameplay is a bit dumb if you ask me, being a bit to unpredictable in terms of tapping that ball away because of the inaccurate animation of the blob.

But the game does look very nice. It has some awesome graphics going for it and the sound effects really puts stuff in perspective. The blob isn’t there by free will and the people around him are throwing balls at him to hurt him or something. It is pretty scary if you think about it… Anyway, although it is yet another take on the simple tap mechanic, it doesn’t come much far because of, in my opinion, a bit to unpredictable gameplay in combination with inaccurate controls.

Hopeless: Football Cup Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks very good.
Controls - Simple. Addictive.
Gameplay - A bit too unpredictable.
Replay Value - Is perhaps zero, mainly because of the inaccurate controls.
Overall - Another take on the flappy mechanic, but too far off to be real fun.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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