Going Going Gone: HR Classic Review

Going Going Gone: HR Classic Review

Sep 17, 2013

Big hitting is the name of the game in Going Going Gone: HR Classic (From ESPN via TheAppsGames). It’s a solo homerun derby type game in which power and distance are the biggest predictors of success.

Starting with the interactive tutorial, the game is quite fluid. I like that the developer finds a way to squeeze in some achievements into the teaching sequences. The hitting mechanism is explained adequately, and the dual stick controls make sense. One (the left) controls the hitting window, and the other invokes the swinging motion. When the two are in perfect sync, they make great music together. Additionally, it’s great, I think, that there is a degree of logic attached to the hitting mechanism; bad positioning not only causes strikes, but foul balls that tend to adheregoing1 to the rules of physics. With a bit of practice, hitting effectively is quite possible, and the engine is quite consistent, so a bit of strategy can be used to get the bonus points.

The 3D graphics are nice; the animations have flair, and feel alive. The use of color seems a bit muted in places, but the pop that accompanies special hits mostly make up for that. Perspective is great, and the wind-ups are things of beauty, and match the batting motion with regards to looking realistic.

The gameplay is basic progression. Homeruns score points, and achieving stuff like cycles (hitting in different parts of the park) and three in a row score bonus points and coins; the latter can be used to upgrade equipment and gear. Leveling up gets bonuses too, but play requires exhaustible/replenishable tickets. Of course, real cash can be used to expedite the acquisition of tokens and the upgrading of attributes.

Facebook friends can become part of the competition; there are tournaments, leaderboards and more.

Fantastic power game that doesn’t need one to be a BALCO customer to enjoy.

Going Going Gone: HR Classic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice looking graphics, mostly effective sounds as well.
Controls - Well imagined dual thumb controls.
Gameplay - Staggered leveling, interesting interactive tutorial and simple upgrade system.
Replay Value - Fun and engaging; hard to put down.
Overall - Engaging, simple game.

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