Inferno+ Review

Inferno+ Review

Jul 29, 2013

To be fair, I never was a big fan of shoot-em-ups. I’ve enjoyed some of them, sure, but the recently popular neon kind with minimalistic design that would be more fit for a rave party, rather than in a video-game, is just too abstract for my tastes. So, it was a complete surprise for me to absolutely like Inferno+, and there is something almost unexplainable, that sets it apart from the other shoot-em-ups. I suppose one could call it “complexity”.

Inferno+ looks and plays just like all the other neo-classical shoot-em-ups, including the neon lighting and amorphous, primitive forms as its backdrop. The spherical ship that is the protagonist here, is controlled by two virtual sticks, one – for moving the ship around, and the other for shooting the main guns. There are also two buttons for activating shields and launching a bomb. Every little bit of controls can be changed and modified for the most convenience, in what seems to be the most rich control options board for a mobile game.

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Although the gameplay is pretty standard for a shmup, it contains several crucially interesting parts. First is the fact that levels are a lot more than empty squares, randomly filled with enemies – each level is different and requires a bit of strategic thinking, so as not to drive the ship into a tricky situation. There are even secret passages and levels that are well hidden. Then, there are upgrades that can be purchased for the points that are gathered around the levels, that improve the ship in various ways, from the shield’s recharge time, to drones that help shoot down the enemies. Although the upgrades don’t change the gameplay in any significant way, they still give some sort of meaning to roaming around the levels and killing the enemies on the way. Another thing I forgot about is that there are two different types of primary weapons and shields available at the start, so there’s a good enough reason to try and replay the game, to test different loadouts.

Wrapping up, Inferno+ sports great gameplay and nice design, and is a damn good game overall, closer to an action role-playing game than to a shoot-em-up. I personally liked it, in spite of my usual relationships with shmups, so I think it may turn out like that for someone else, as well.

Inferno+ Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are colorful and flashy, but it's still neon madness. Sounds are good.
Controls - That's how you make a great control scheme: make it as bendable as possible.
Gameplay - It's a great shoot-em-up, but it's more or less the same stuff as usual.
Replay Value - Four different ships, three difficulty levels and lots of mini-games to keep the game interesting for a long time.
Overall - A surprisingly exciting shoot-em-up, trying to be more than another Asteroids clone, and mostly successful about it.

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