Jack Lumber Review

Jack Lumber Review

Jul 25, 2013

It’s time to sharpen axes and put on plaid shirts, for lumbering season has begun. Jack Lumber is an arcade game that features an okay lumberjack, sleeping all night and working all day. He is on a tree-murdering spree, in honor of his late grandmother, who was brutally murdered by an evil pine tree. Guess it knew how to not make a sound when no one was watching. Anyway, after the random and slightly insane mood is set, Jack Lumber doesn’t wait around to start the action.

Jack Lumber 3At its core, Jack Lumber is but another “finger-squish” arcade, not unlike Fruit Ninja, but with a couple of innovations of its own. Of course, instead of fruits it’s pieces of lumber that require destruction, and there are many tricks to the way they should be sliced. Each level consists of a number of log throws. In each throw, a bunch of logs is thrown in a predetermined path. When the player puts a finger on the screen, time slows significantly down, and the logs practically freeze in places. Then the player needs to cut through each log in a limited time, without lifting the finger. If each log is cut in the right way, the player gets awarded with slight score bonus. Furthermore, if the player manages to cut two logs with a straight line, he gets additional bonus. After a series of log throws is complete, a score is calculated, and if it’s beyond a certain limit, player gets a medal, and continues onto the next level.

Score isn’t just a number in Jack Lumber, as it allows to purchase a number of items from the store that can help improve the end score, and get a gold star, or actually make the game more challenging. The challenge comes in the way of various logs that require different handling. There are logs that can only be cut from one side, curved logs that require cutting them with broken lines, logs that need to be sliced more than ones, and many more. Jack Lumber starts like a really casual entertainment, but becomes pretty challenging relatively quickly. The player needs to calculate the time, when to slow the time, so logs are in the best position on the screen, slice fast, to slice every log in time, and to slice carefully, because a getting a medal is not simple without the bonuses. Anyway, the game is great, challenging and interesting. I didn’t find any particular problems with it, so it’s a fine game for everyone, seeking to slice something up on a mobile screen.

Jack Lumber Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's all cartoony, and hand-drawn, and completely insane.
Controls - No problems and nice response.
Gameplay - It's quite fun, but can become somewhat repetitive.
Replay Value - There are many challenging levels and a constant desire to get all the gold stars.
Overall - A very nice slicing action. Simple idea, but great realization.

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