JAZZ: Trump’s Journey Review

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey Review

Jan 31, 2013

It started that day, between Gravier Street and Perdido Street…

So the adventure known as JAZZ: Trump’s Journey (from Bulypix) formally began. JAZZ is the story of a boy with humble beginnings that dreams to be a Jazz star.

At its basic core, JAZZ is a platform scroller, where collection of items and completion of tasks entails success. The developer used unique graphics to transport me to New Orleans Roaring Twenties, and it was very well done in my estimation. The zaney characterizations were impressive, with the color of the backgrounds adding contrast and highlights when needed. The sum total of all the graphics and animation was a whimsical trip down music’s memory lane.

With the emphasis that the game puts on music, I’d be remiss if I didn’t not mention the game sounds. In a game I so thoroughly enjoyed, it is something for me to state that the music was one of the best parts for me; it simply was. The jazz score was highly appropriate and gave the game some serious pizzazz.

Back to the gameplay… it started off easily enough, and the developer left a sufficient breadcrumb trail of hints and in-game pointers to make the game fairly easy to pick-up. As the game went on, I got to learn how to use different features to pull or push, jump, bounce and even got special powers (spoiler: Trump’s trumpet is an awesome tool). Interspersed with that were the side stories of romance and band-building, and they all made the game environment that much sweeter. The game boasted boss levels further on.

I would have liked a clearer set of objectives each level; there were times I went around in circles. Also, the first two levels are free, but I’m sure most would love an opportunity for outright purchase.

JAZZ is a unique game, in that its biographical roots in the life of Louis Armstrong and its salute to social justice are masterpieces of handheld gameplay. This game is for two types of people: those who love jazz, and those that understand that everyone will be fans of jazz… eventually.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - High praise for sound... graphics add to the aura.
Controls - Easy to manage, loved the use of hidden controls.
Gameplay - Plenty of fun in a simple package.
Replay Value - Fun and quite addictive
Overall - JAZZ is breath of fresh air that entertains and informs.

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