Jupiter Jump Review

Jupiter Jump Review

Jul 7, 2014

Nowadays, it’s all about the difficulty. Twitch gaming rules the roost, and it feels that reflex-driven games like Jupiter Jump shamelessly looks to move in on the throne.

As already noted, it’s all about the reflexes. The 2D environment unfurls just like a runner, with several graphical odes to a generic space motif. The color works well within the the design of the game, and does a good job of proffering a story line, which has to do with a space traveler of sorts ejecting from a crash-landing space vehicle.

The action ostensibly starts with the eject button being tapped; the game action moves from right to left, and it’s the movement controls that are somewhat unique. As the pilot is ejected, he/she naturally bounces off the ground injj1 wide arcs that continue unabated unless obstructed by something unsavory. To avoid these type of objects, a tap to the screen forces the leaping protagonist to dart straight down. This adjusts the natural path of the arc, and as such, alters the direction either above or below the dangerous object. It takes a bit of timing and quick reflexes to master the avoidance technique, and that is part of the games charge.

To add to the challenge, there are good, green channel gates that are beneficial to pass through; thus, the gameplay has elements to avoid and elements to collect in one continual, non-ending sequence. Hitting one of the baddies ends the run. Additionally, there are some cool arcade-type enhancements, like encouraging players to get as close to the bad bombs without touching them to get valuable score multipliers.

The simple, old-school feel and simple gameplay make it an interesting diversion, but I do think some more play modes could add to the overall experience.

Simplicity is always welcome though, and as such, this game mostly delivers.

Jupiter Jump Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fun, retro-looking title wit graphical elements that highlight an arcade background
Controls - Tap to alter jumps.
Gameplay - Arcade-ish game with runner sensibilities; Big twitch quotient.
Replay Value - Somewhat addictive.
Overall - Interesting simple game that is twitch-based

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