Kilgamore Castle Review

Kilgamore Castle Review

May 31, 2011

Abusing animals isn’t cool. Can you imagine the outcry if I put my dog in a diver’s helmet and made him charge around, smashing obstacles with his head? I’d be arrested and thrown in jail. And I don’t even have a dog. That’s why it’s good that video games exist, because they allow us to do things we’d normally get in heaps of trouble for.

Kilgamore Castle is an Arachnid clone, or more accurately, an Arkanoid evolution. A cross between Breakout and a career in archaeology, it casts you as Ernest Pucklington, an aging adventurer whose best days are behind him. Instead of hanging up his adventuring shoes though, he enlists the help of his dog Barney and ventures out to the titular castle, in search of treasure.

There are quests to complete and a variety of different levels, each with their own challenge, to complete. The gameplay evolves as you move through the game, sometimes requiring you to light candles, other times to drop bombs or collect specific items that somehow fall down the screen, even though it’s a flat plane.

The game isn’t the best looking out there, but it’s by no means ugly. Its sounds too are perfectly adequate. Kilgamore Castle is one of the growing number of games available on the Android Market that do everything they set out to do and not one iota more. That’s not a complaint, so much as an observation; sometimes you don’t want innovation, just something relaxing to while away a few spare minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with Kilgamore Castle, but at the same time, there’s nothing about it that will grab your attention. It’s enjoyable enough, but there are plenty of other games out there that are more worthy of your time and attention. If you stumble across the app whilst browsing the Android Market, then downloading and playing it will do you no actual harm, indeed, you might draw from it some nostalgic enjoyment, but in the end, it’s an experience that’s remarkably easy to forget.

Kilgamore Castle Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - A pretty bland looking game. You certainly won't be showing it off to your friends.
Controls - They do the job, but sometimes they can be a little unresponsive.
Gamepley - Solid and functional, it'll keep you entertained but not for long periods.
Replay Value - A decent amount to see and do, but no reason to go back and see and do it all over again.
Overall - Better than a lot of the dross on the Android Market, Kilgamore Castle doesn't have that special spark to make it a must buy.

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    “Arachnid evolution”? I guess you meant Arkanoid?