Kill Shot Bravo Review

Kill Shot Bravo Review

Nov 25, 2015

Yep, time to whine. Sniper games make me queasy. Such skill, such innate sneakiness… cool and cold at the same time.

Whining aside, Kill Shot Bravo just feels like one of those exceptions, and the heroic storyline does help.

It is presented as a first-person shooter, so the player gets to “live” the action as it goes. The graphics in this one are unapologetically gritty, with smooth animations, great use of visual perspective and an earthly use of color and virtual shadows. If the developer is looking to cloak the offering with a veneer of realism, it feels like a successful endeavor, especially at first glance.

Upon starting, one gets to pick the appearance of one’s player; the choices mostly involve skin tone and hair style. After, the game walks the player through a hands-on walkthrough of sorts, allowing the player to become familiar with the controls: gesture swipes allow the player to swing his/her gaze across the viewing area provided by the screen real estate, and there is a sights system on the right which allows the player to zoom in up and close. To round out the main controls, there is a prominent firing button at the bottom right.


The basic premise is that there are bad guys to take out — from a distance, preferably — and the player is tasked with the dirty job. Using the integrated controls and other visual cues, one finishes missions by eliminating the enemy.

The game is leveled, and payouts are gained from taking folks out. Such cash is essential, because as one progresses, one is going to need to both procure better weapons and improve gear already owned.

At first, a single target makes things easy; then, the targets increase, and get smarter. The game also incorporates other elements and mission styles, such that it monotony can be staved off.

It is a great game, though it does feel like using real cash is a real temptation. All in all, it is a step above your everyday sniping caper, which makes it worth a free look.

Kill Shot Bravo Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Raw and gritty with regards to looks and sound.
Controls - Very intuitive.
Gameplay - Leveled sniping series with extra elements.
Replay Value - Surprisingly addictive.
Overall - An interesting sniper experience.
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