Machinarium Review

Machinarium Review

Jul 19, 2012

I want to start off by saying that as soon as I saw Machinarium, I wanted to play it. The way the animation and characters are drawn really caught my eye. After watching the video, I was hooked. I was reminded of the Pixar movie Wall-E .

Machinarium is a brain teaser game that really makes you figure things out right from the start. The game starts with the main character disassembled and dropped into a junk pile. Putting together the robot so the game can continue is a good indication of how the game is. While there are vague hints at what needs to be done to complete the tasks, there is still a lot of thinking involved.

The puzzles in the beginning are simple tasks like putting together the robot, then crossing a ditch using a magnet and a string. As the game progresses, there are machines different machines needing to be set a certain way and the character to be placed in a specific place to solve the puzzle.

Throughout the stages there are tools or objects that are needed to complete the levels. Everything needed to move on is accessible at some point in the level. Sometimes the robot may need to be taller, shorter, have a tool or be in just the right spot to move on, but it is all possible. Think “What Would MacGuyver Do?”; it may help. There isn’t a time limit, so poking at everything on the screen IS an option.

While Machinarium is sure to WOW you with the hand drawn animation, Machinarium is just as surely going to make walking away in frustration seem like a good idea. Stick with it and explore everywhere possible to. Once the level is passed, a weight will be lifted and a sense of accomplishment will be felt.

Machinarium Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Awesome hand drawn everything makes it visually stunning.
Controls - You need to be spot on with some of the actions but that's not always a bad thing.
Gameplay - If you like to figure things out, this game is great. If you like games you can easily win, skip this one.
Replay Value - If you can get through this game in one sitting you are way to smart to be wasting your time playing games on your phone. Go cure cancer or something.
Overall - Probably the most entertaining and difficult game I've played in a long time.

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